BCM241: Blog 1: Media Niche~ CRICKET

Week 1

Me representing Pakistan club in a cricket match

Since my childhood, I love cricket. I could spend a whole day doing cricket stuff. No matter its about playing, watching, talking or reading about cricket. There are days when I’m having a tough day from my college life with my assignments, what I normally do to make myself rest and relax for a while is, grab my phone, open YouTube and start watching cricket videos.

How I started playing cricket and gained so much interest about it? When I was young, my father was a very big fan of cricket, although he didn’t played cricket , but he used to watch every single cricket match on the TV. Whenever there was a cricket match, he would call all his friends at our house to watch the match together. From there, I also started gaining interest in cricket and would go out the playgrounds and play with my friends.

I would dream about representing my country in a Cricket World cup in future. However, I couldn’t make my dream into a reality because I’m living in Hong Kong. Cricket is not that popular in Hong Kong when compared to other Asian Countries. Rather Hong Kong is much famous for getting a degree in a University and start doing a job. same happened with me, I started focusing more time on my studies and put cricket at a side. Now I play cricket very often like once a week. However, I never miss any single cricket match Live on TV.

2 teams competing with each other
in a world cup in England.

I am following Cricket and its players on almost all of my social media apps. I used to have only 1 or 2 social media apps at that time but when I got to know that most of the players are on Twitter, I installed Twitter on my smartphone and started following them. I would go onto the Twitter and Instagram to find out what my favorites players are doing at the moment. I have also liked all the cricket pages on Facebook and would watch cricket videos whenever I’m free. I always want to stay connected with cricket so I have also installed some cricket apps like ESPNCricinfo on my smartphone, so that I can be aware of the upcoming matches and news about cricket. when I don’t have time to watch live stream, I would just follow the match on the ESPNCricinfo and see the live scorecards.

I always had a desire to meet my favorite cricketers in my life. Because of cricket being lease popular sport in Hong Kong, not many players or cricket teams would come to Hong Kong and play matches here. Cricket is lease popular in Hong Kong because Cricket is only known to the minority group of people in Hong Kong. However, in 2016, due to the demands of cricket fans in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cricket organized a tournament (Hong Kong T20 Blitz) and invited lots of cricketers from different countries to participate in the tournament. Thanks to the organizers I got a chance to meet my idols in my life.

meeting cricketers in an event organized in HK


Clive, M. (2019), Getty Images. https://www.google.com/search?q=cricket&sxsrf=ALeKk028TPY9Qr8zMNm08W4mQhUB-CxTXA:1599548874959&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwirqPjz_9jrAhWzyYsBHc3XAcMQ_AUoAXoECCMQAw&biw=1366&bih=608#imgrc=L5ecnWmX8qgpNM

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