The field site for researching my media niche?

As I have mentioned and introduced my Media Niche in the blog 1, Now in this blog, i will talk about the field site of my media niche.

I have narrowed down my research question to “How does social media play a role in Cricket?”. To find out how cricket uses social media to promote and telecast its cricket matches.

In the diagram above, I have managed to write down all the elements which may help me investigate my research question. I will be talking about them below.

I have listed out all the possible ways of how the cricketers interact with their fans. Whether its online or offline. Cricketers use social media such as twitter or Instagram to stay connected with their fans. Many cricketers and former cricketers have their YouTube channels to discuss what’s happening in the cricket world and in their lives.

Cricket has changed a lot from my father’s generation to my generation. I remember when my father used to watch cricket matches, there were only limited TV channels which used to telecast the live match. However in my generation, there are lots and lots of channels which telecast live matches, and it does not only stream live but also provide cricket scores with ball by ball commentary on the official cricket websites and apps. There are YouTube channels where the officials or the former players discuss the match when it finishes. A former Pakistani cricketer’s YouTube channel called “Ramiz Speaks” is my favorite.

Some other elements like cricket’s history, related individuals, officials and cricket boards and their duties are also mentioned in the diagram.

To conclude, all these elements are related to the media and how fast the advance technology is growing gradually. I hope the diagram will help to investigate my research question.

Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

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