BCM 24Blog 3: Planning my Research

In my second blog, I narrowed down my research question to “How does social media play a role in cricket?” and listed out all the elements which may help me investigate my research question. In this blog, I will be re-polishing and modifying my research question by adding the generational changes to it. For instance, the development of social media from the past generation to this generation. Consequently, my new research question after modifying and adding the generational changes to it is ” How does social media play and change its roles in cricket since the early 21st century?” In this blog, I will address the historical, political, economic and cultural settings brought by cricket.

To start with the historical setting, I have mentioned in my blog 1 about how the representation of cricket from my father’s generation to today, has changed in popularity and its broadcasting with the help of social media. In my father’s generation, there were limited channels broadcasting live cricket matches when compared today. Cricket didn’t anticipate using social media at that time as there were only one or two official websites/apps for the fans to use. Moreover cricketers didn’t have any possible means to communicate with their fans. But today, even though you are busy and can’t watch the live streams, you can just open cricket apps like “cricinfo” or “cricbuzz” and check out your favorite teams scorecard. Cricketers now can communicate with their fans through their social media, YouTube channels or even do a live video chat with their fans. Therefore, cricket now has become very convenient with the help of social media.

The popularity of cricket can also be shown by how women’s cricket has been developed since the early 21st century, for instance, there were very limited women cricket matches when compared to today. There are more and more women gaining interest in cricket today.



I will be observing myself on how social media is playing a role in cricket and assisting with the increase of popularity. I will be looking for cricketers who are engaged with their fans through YouTube channels or other social media platforms to examine how they interact with their fans. Previous research papers by the scholars which have the same research question with mine will also help me with my observation.


I will also use the Auto-ethnography approach to investigate my research question as I am following cricket since my childhood. I would like to share my experience on how I have been engaged with cricket through social media and how cricket is developing with the help of social media. To apply this approach in my investigation, I will be listing out all the activities that I have been doing on social media related to cricket.


Week 1: Define and describe my media niche

Week 2: Map out the field site

Week 3: Planning the approach

Week 4-5: List out al the background research and ethical issues

Week 6-7: Complete the Media Niche pitch

Week 8-11: Process of writing the draft and finalizing it

Social is playing a big role in promoting the sport and this is the reason why I would like to investigate what role social media played to gain the popularity of the sports in the world. I will also investigate the historical, political, economic and cultural settings brought by cricket in my research project.

Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

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