Research Project BCM 212

As a university student, I found out that many students come across with lots of stress in their university life including myself. I am curious to find out how students equip themselves to overcome with stress. As for me, I use sports whenever I feel stressed about my school assignments or examination. Sport helps me and my body to relax and forget about the school life for a while. It gives an extra energy if I do sport before doing my assignment or preparing myself for examinations. Consequently, I would like to find out whether sports helps to overcome with stress and do other students do sports to tackle with stress.

In order to find out whether sports helps to overcome with stress, I conducted a poll on twitter asking “Does sports helps to overcome the stress of school life?”. There were total of 17 people who voted and 82% of them agreed that sports does helps to overcome the stress of school life. Only 18% of them disagreed with it. Th poll clearly shows that sports does help students overcome stress from school life.

My research question is very relevant as stress has been following students since their first day at school. It is something that you can’t easily tackle with. Lots of students who failed tackling with stress has thought give up and to stop studying. According to (Abouserie, 2006), Students in universities encounter lots of stress in their school life. His study suggests that the highest cause of stress in students were the examination and examination results as students thinks they have too much to learn and they never know what their result might be. Therefore, this research topic is very important and students should know the method of overcoming with stress. therefore, sports is the best option to help them. According to (Abouserie, 2006),Students in universities encounter lots of stress whether its the assignment’s stress, examination’s stress, or the result’s stress. Sports also helps students to get good grades in examination and motivate themselves to do well (Mohammad et al, 2012). Therefore, Stress affect students in getting low grades whereas sports helps them to get good grades.

A research by (Aimee et al, 2010), suggests that there is a relationship between stress and participation in sports. They indicate that sport improves individuals health because of self-determination and social support which is experienced in doing sports. Another researcher (Sylvia 2007), said that sports activities not only have physical and functional aspects, but also have an effective on the self-esteem and social experiences of a person. This shows that sports plays a big role in help students with their social life and boost their self-esteem which will help them to cope with the stress.

Research Aims

My research aim is to find out whether sports helps to overcome with the stress from school life or not. Sport is a fun thing and it helps a person to stay fit as well. therefore, if sports can help students cope with their stress, it will not will solve their problem with stress but also will make them fit. Therefore, I would like to know whether other students also feels the same as me about sports on stress. My target audience will be the students studying in uow college.

There are some researchers who have studied on the sports and stress which will help me with my research as a secondary data. As for my primary data, the poll I conducted on my twitter only had 1 question and there were very few people who joined to vote. Which is why I think the data was not enough to find whether sports helps to cope with stress or not. I will conduct another online survey which will have different types of question regarding my research question. I will include some open-ended question and multiple choice questions.


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