In blog 2, I talked about the cyberspace and how the network changed from centralized to decentralized network system. I mentioned how Paul Baran in 1964, proposed a decentralized network system which has no central hub and was designed to work even if broken. In this blog, I will be talking the OODA Loop which was created for the Air Force so that they can be able to send and receive message instantly.

The OODA Loop

A USAF Colonel named John Boyd discovered the OODA Loop which is a different way for fast decision makings. So now, what does OODA Loop mean? It stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. John Boyd was a fighter pilot and a fighter pilot have to work fast (“OODA Loop”, 2020). Even if they take a single second to take a decision, they might lost their lives. Consequently, it made John Boyd to think about something which can help them to make decisions efficiently and quickly. As the centralized network system takes time, the greater the distance is, the more time it takes. For example, if a sender send a message, The message has to go through the center in order to proceed to the receiver. That’s why it takes time for the message to be received.


OODA LOOP: What You Can Learn from Fighter Pilots About Making Fast and Accurate Decisions. (2020, March 01). Retrieved from

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