BLOG 4: Academic Research And Ethical Issues

In my last 3 blogs, I described about my media niche, mapped out the field site and planned out my research question. In this blog, I will highlight the background academic research which will insist me to understand the theoretical framework in analyzing my research data and field notes. I will also write down the ethical issues that might arise during my research and how will I manage them.

Background Academic Research:

International Cricket council

Cricket is the second most popular sports in the world just after soccer with 2.5 billion fans worldwide (Top 10 List of the World’s Most Popular Sports, n.d.). Social media has helped to helped to boost up the popularity of cricket, for instance, due to the broadcasting of live streams, it has been very convenient for people to watch cricket. If we compare cricket with and without social media, there were very few TV channels who would live stream cricket matches but the quality was very bad so the fans had to take out their time and go to the stadiums in order to watch the matches. However, now with social media, cricket fans can stay wherever they are and can watch cricket on their smartphones like Facebook, YouTube Livestream, or other cricket apps. For instance, according to the (ICC, 2019), “Men’s 2019 Cricket World Cup live coverage reached a global cumulative average of 1.6 billion viewers”. This shows that how social media is helping to increase the popularity of cricket. Fans not only support the men’s cricket but also follows the women’s cricket. For instance, women’s cricket at the start of 21st century was very quiet. It was very rare for broadcasters to live stream women’s cricket, and very less women’s were interested in cricket. However today, women’s cricket matches also have almost the same support like the men’s crickets.

Social media has not only put an impact on cricket fans but also it has helped cricketers in many ways. For instance, social media has been developed and it has helped players not only improved their performances but also taught them ways to prevent injuries (Noorbhai and Noakes, 2015). As we all know, injuries has a very old relationship with sports, therefore, cricketers have to take care of their physical health in order to stay fit and focused. With the help of social media, (Noorbhai and Noakes, 2015) suggests that “cricketers risk of injury can also be reduced by more specific eccentric exercise training programs”. This means that cricketers can now watch videos and programs on YouTube or other channels talking about the prevention of injuries and learn about it.

Moreover some former and current cricketers have made up their YouTube channels to stay connected with their fans and know what they expect from them on the field. It gives them an extra motivation when they talk to their fans and how the fans react to them.

Ethical Issues:

In order to investigate my research ethically, I will have to be a aware of some ethical issues such as cautiousness and carefulness. As one of my approach I’m using to investigating my research question is “observation”, I will have to be very careful and cautious when observing the data which will help to investigate my research question. While observing the data, I will use paper and pen to drop down all the relevant data’s that I feel its important so that i wont miss out with something.

As I am using the Auto-ethnography approach, I will have to be aware of the bias. I will be using my own experience to investigate my research so I have to be careful not to be unfair with any team or players. In order to avoid bias, I will have to double confirm and check whether the information is correct or not.


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