Pitch Presentation

Pitch Video

In this blog, I will be explaining my pitch in more detailed way. Firstly, in the video, I have mentioned my media niche, the background, some roles social media is playing on cricket finally discussed my 2 approaches that will help me to investigate my research question.


Both the approaches “Auto-ethnography” and “Observation” will help me to investigate my research question. My experience in using cricket websites/ apps or following cricket on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and twitter will help me have a better understanding on how social media is been putting an impact on each anything related to cricket. I will observe the cricketers on how they stay connected with their fans and see what impact do their fans puts on them. Observation is a very good method as by doing so, I can receive primary data. If I observe myself I will be able to understand more and will be able to investigate my research question.

Roles of social media

Another role social media has been playing towards cricket is by helping the players improve their fitness and health. For instance, as we all know, injuries is one of the most biggest nightmares for a sportsman. However, what players do nowadays is to search for exercises on social media that can help them prevent from injuries or what exercises can help them have a speedy recovery from the injury. They also attend some exercise training programs anytime anywhere without going to the physios physically. This shows that how social media has helped the players improve their fitness in a very simple and fast methods so that they can preform well for their teams.

As I said that I’ve been following cricket since my childhood, I always watch cricket videos on social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook. I am also following some of the cricketer’s YouTube channels such as “Ramiz Speaks” and “Shahid Afridi”. Both of them are former cricketers of Pakistan. I like “Ramiz speaks” videos because he usually analysis or predict cricket matches before and after every cricket match. He is one of the experts, so that’s why I usually get to know what I may expect from the matches or know in what expects did the team performed well or not. The other YouTube channel “Shahid Afridi” I follow is because he is my all time favorite cricketer. The cricketers now can know what their fans are expecting from in their matches. It has become very easy for everyone to stay connected with their fans and idols when compared to the early 21st century.

YouTube Links: (The players I follow on their YouTube channels)

Ramiz Speaks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRHGnbY35xw

Shahid Afridi: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhGXeOeWeEPxMLbCrUvf-g

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Bachelors in Communication and Media

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