BCM 222: Newspaper Industry

What was news like before 19th century? What’s the content mainly about? How ‘old’ was the news usually?

In a generation of advanced technology, with everything being so convenient and fast, we can never imagine how life can be without the internet. Imagine spreading a news which takes so long to reach the audience. The longer the distance is, the more time it takes for a news to be spread. However today, if u want to spread a news all over the world, the internet can help u spread it in seconds. In this blog, I will be introducing how news was like before the 19th century.

In the 19th century, the news was spread by the newspapers. According to (History of nineteenth-century newspapers n.d.), In 1814, an editorial in the London Times announced the first newspaper printed by a stream press. Steam power was something that changed the whole process of manufacturing, production and the distribution of newspaper. It increased the scale, speed and the affordability of the newspaper. People had to pay taxes for the newspaper because of the production of the paper. Later, a device invented by Samuel Morse, “Telegraph” was used to transmit information farther and to more people at very fast speed than ever before. The Morse codes were used to transmit news between towns, between ships at seas and from land to sea (Holtzapple, 2015).

According to (American Newspapers, 1800-1860: An Introduction n.d.) The content of the news was quite similar as today, as they also had a frontpage, a nameplate at the newspapers title with place, date of publication. The content was mainly about what’s happening in the pollical or in the daily world. Newspapers also had some advertisements promoting companies or products.


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