Week 6: Digital Feudalism

This week, I learned about feudalism and the walled garden. I learned how everything on the internet is being controlled by big media giants like Facebook and Instagram.


Feudalism is vague and widely contested term from the European medieval societies of the 10th to 13th centuries (Cartwright, 2018). It is a connection between the lord and the vassal to classify around property and allegiance. The Lord protects and gives land to the vassal to live. The vassal would support the lord by growing farm products. However, the lord decides how the land will be used, and the vassal cannot leave or sell the land without the Lord’s permission. In other words, the lord has the full power to do whatever they want.

Real Prydain: Feudalism | Prydain Wiki | Fandom

Digital Feudalism:

Today, digital feudalism also works the same way as feudalism used to work. The more advanced technology is enhancing, the more better and convenient is becoming for the world. However, due to advanced technology, it has become easier for the big media giant to control the people and that’s how it becomes digital feudalism/ feudalism 2.0.

IBM Think 2018, Brain and Internet Connection and Digital Feudalism

Although users are technically speaking free, stacks control all characteristics of information being used. The content cannot appear on the stack without permission and the stack decides how you use the content. Not only it requires permission, but all the data, information, and content created, consumed, and shared by the user is monitories. Although we think all our data and privacy on Facebook are private, Facebook can still see our data and we can only post content that is allowed by Facebook. Whatever we search or look on Facebook is being recorded. Therefore, Feudalism still exists today and we all are being controlled by the big media giants.


Cartwright, M. (2020), Feudalism. Retrieved from https://www.ancient.eu/Feudalism/

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