A3: Digital Artifact: Simply English

Logo of Simply English

Short Project Summary

Our digital artifact is about “Simply English’. In the past 11 weeks, we have been focusing on our DA, where we teach secondary school students (Form 1 to form 3) English. Our DA consists of a Wix website and an Instagram page. We post all our lessons and interesting videos’ of the lessons on the website and use Instagram to promote our website. During the first week, when we were choosing the topics for our DA. We wanted to do something which all of our 4 group members are good at, basically the strength we all share. Therefore, we found out that English is our strength so why not we teach English to the people who are struggling with English. As we all know how important it is to learn English, because it’s an international language, wherever you go, you got to speak English as a medium of communication with different people all around the world.

We also wanted to use full use of the internet to share our knowledge in English. As we all know that the internet can connect people from all over the world, it is the best place where we can seek our audience’s attention. Therefore, we choose Instagram and later a Wix website to teach our target audience English.

At the start, we thought we should make an Instagram page where we will teach expats, locals, and immigrants English. However, due to not being able to organize with our age group of audiences, as there are different age groups of people in ex-pats, immigrants, and locals. We were not sure what content should we provide. Therefore, we decided to change our audience to primary school students.

Analysis of important learning moments

Finally, we were able to decide our target audiences (primary school students). We started posting our lessons on our Instagram page. However, after 2 weeks, we found out that we are not able to reach our target audiences. We only had around 9 followers and we were not gaining any followers. That was the time we all had to sit down and discuss how can we improve our page to reach out to more people. We started analyzing our Instagram page and found out that our lessons were actually very boring and very limited content in it. We were randomly posting lessons washout any content and flow. One of our group members gave an idea that we should change our layout and post some animation videos rather than boring lessons. Another change which was necessary was to change our target audience, again primary school students was a very big group. Therefore, we changed our target audience to secondary school students (form 1 to form 3). After amending all of our changes, we started posting our lessons again on our Instagram page with a much better layout and with some interesting animation videos.

We continued posting our lessons on our Instagram page but still, our followers were not gaining. We found out that our lesson posts were not well organized. For example, Th older lessons would go down once a new lesson was posted, so it was very difficult and inconvenient for a new audience if he wants to take a look at lesson 1.

Cover page of our Wix website

We had a consultation and thought we should make a Wix website and use our Instagram to promote our Instagram. therefore, we started posting our lessons on the website, we categorized our target audience into 3 different sections (form1, form 2, form 3). All of our lessons had the same flow with a video at the last for the audience to understand more about the topic. We made good use of both visual and text for our lessons. The website was much more well organized and we started to gain more followers on Instagram also. by week 9, we successfully gained 100 followers.

different sections

Followers gained in different weeks:

  • Week 1 to 3: 9 followers
  • Week 4 to 6: 50 followers
  • Week 7 to 9: 100 followers
  • Week 10 to now: 110 followers and increasing

By doing this DA, I learned how to cooperate with my group members. Whenever we thought we needed changes in our DA, we all came up together and respected everyone’s idea, and decided what’s best for our DA. I hope we can continue with our DA so that we can help people who are struggling with the English language.

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Bachelors in Communication and Media

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