Week 10: Dark fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar

Most famous hackers in history - Panda Security Mediacenter

In my last blog, I talked about the nice and positive part of hacking. How some organizations are out there trying to bring a change in everyone’s life by exposing the corrupted people and scandals all over the world. But as we know, when there are good people, there will be some bad people as well. That’s a part of this world. Therefore, today I will be talking about the black-hat hackers who hack people’s accounts and steal their bank accounts and personal data. Before this lecture, I only knew a little about black-hat hackers as I thought hackers only hack our social media accounts and that’s it- nothing more serious. But today I got to know how dangerous it can be.

Hacking for the greater good

According to (Spyd3r, 2002), “It all began in the 1960s at MIT, the origin of the term “hacker”, where extremely skilled individuals practiced hardcore programming in FORTRAN and other older languages” In the early 1960s when the word “hacker” formed, no one knew much about hackers. Hackers were known for locking themselves up in the room for the whole day programming. People didn’t really what hacking is. The term “hackers” was considered as the expert of computers. However, slowly we all started knowing who a hacker is after the birth of the internet and social media because they are now a part of our lives. almost every one of us has social media accounts and we all know that our account can be hacked and our privacy can be leaked out. However, some groups of hackers don’t only leak out personal data, but also steal people’s credit cars and money. 


Hacker lulz (@Hackerlulz) | Twitter

LulzSec is a group of people who hacked lots of organizations accounts and websites, they also tried hacking the FBI’s website, but were later caught. “Lulz” stands for a laugh and “sec” for Security (Arthur, 2013). the group would find out the weakness in the sites and hacks the websites. they have hacked lots of famous organizations such as Sony’s Play station Network where they stole 24.6 million customers’ private data (Arthur, 2013). Moreover, LulzSec members were all strangers to each other, they have never met anyone in the group before. After they tried to hack the FBI’s website, because of one of the hackers’ silly mistakes, the FBI was able to trace him and they got caught after. When they were for their intentions of hacking, they valued seeking people’s attention rather than earning money.

Therefore, we should be aware when we give out our credit card details on the internet, whatever we do on the internet is being monitored and we should be aware that there can be hackers.

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Spyd3r April 8. (2002, March 11). The History Of Hacking. Retrieved November 17, 2020, from https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2002/04/08/the-history-of-hacking/

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