Week 9: Anonymous resistance: hackers, Lulz and whistle-blowers

Been hacked? What you need to know about the new cybercrime | Times2 | The  Times

When you hear the word “hacker”, what comes to your mind? A bad person? Negative thoughts? Or do you start feeling nervous? Well, a hacker is not always the bad guy, some hackers will hack your social media accounts but some hackers are doing a favor for the world by exposing the corrupted government and trying to give the people freedom of speech. Firstly, let’s take a look at what is the definition of a hacker.

Hacker: someone who gets into other people’s computer systems without permission to find out information or to do something illegal, (HACKER: meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary). There is various kind of definitions depending on the intentions of the hacker. I have chosen this definition because the hacker will never get your permission to access your computer system nor will the government ever allow. Therefore, some famous hacking organizations hack the government’s website and leak out their true face to the public. 



One of the organization is the Wikileaks, this organization was founded in 2006 by an activist named Julian Assange. It is a not-for-profit media organization and the aims of it are to disseminate the original document from anonymous sources and leakers (Zittrain, 2010). In other words, the purpose is to leak all the information of the government, military, or scandals and show the true color of them. Until today, WikiLeaks managed to produce thousands of documents for the public. 

One of their most famous leaks was the Afghan and Iraq War in July 2019 and October 2010 where they were able to produce 466,743 documents (Zittrain, 2010). It is a very good initiative by the founder of WikiLeaks to allow people to look at the truth and beware of it. 

Anonymous Group

There is one more organization called “The Anonymous Group”. Its main objectives are to raise awareness and promote freedom of speech. According to (Marathe, 2020), “The group has been described as a decentralized online collective with no particular political affiliation”. The people who are handling this organization are anonymous and their organization got a success and has been accepted by many people.

One of their latest activities was related to the “Black lives matter” after the death of George Floyd. Anonymous was able to hack into the police website and they got a very good response from people on Twitter and helped boost anonymous groups Twitter by sharing and retweeting their tweets.

Therefore, as we see that there are some organizations hacking world profile websites, government websites, and letting people see the truth. The public has also shown great support in return by following them everywhere is everyone is eager to k now the truth. After this lecture, I learned that not all hackers are the bad guys.

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