BCM 212: Opinion Piece: Sport helps to tackle University stress

Lots of University students come across with lots of stress in their university life whether it’s their assignment’s stress, examination’s stress, or result’s stress. Some students even thought to give up on their studies to an extent when they can’t handle the stress and it’s not worth doing so. Therefore, I was curious to find out how students cope with their university stress. As for me, I use sport to kill my stress. Sports is grand equipment to use against stress as it assists a person to relax their mind and body, it also benefits a person by making them forget their university life for some time. In order to find out whether other students also use to sport to cope with their university life or not, I conducted a research questionnaire and distributed it to Bcm212 students. Although my target was to get 30 responses, I could only get 19 responses. Furthermore, I read some expert’s past research papers that are related to my topic to find out more understanding about the relationship of sports with stress and will use it as my secondary data.

Fig 1: Consent from respondents

To begin with, to research in an ethical manner, respondents were asked for their consent on using their responses for my research purposes only, and understand that all their responses and data will stay anonymous.


Fig 2: Pie chart on whether respondent ever encounter stress in their Uni life.
Fig 3: A horizontal bar chart showing the respondent’s reasons for stress

In Fig 2, when respondents were asked whether have they ever encounter stress in their university life, all of the respondents said yes. It was expected that everyone will say yes because nowadays every student has encounter stress at least once in their Uni life. As a backup question, respondents were asked to provide their reason for encountering stress, in fig 3, 94.4% said they have assignment stress while 44.4% said they have career stress. Moreover, according to the secondary source, a study conducted by (Abouserie, 2006) also shows that university students encounter lots of stress due to the assignment’s stress, examination’s stress, or the result’s stress. Therefore, this shows that students encounter stress whenever they are being tested whether it’s through assignment, examination, results, or career stress.

4. How do you overcome your stress?

Those respondents who said they have encountered stress in their university life were asked to tell how do they overcome their stress. The majority of the respondents said they do sports like play basketball, badminton, or even running. Only some students said they listen to music and would try to manage their time in order to finish up their work on time so they don’t stress up. 2 respondents said they do yoga and workout to overcome their stress. Therefore, the majority of the respondents do sports in order to overcome stress, it clearly shows that sports are still the best equipment to overcome stress.

Fig 4: Pie chart

Respondents were asked whether they have ever felt giving up on their studies due to stress. Fig 4 shows 63.2% of the respondents said yes while only 36.8% said no. This clearly shows that stress is a very big concern as it can make students give on studies.

Fig 5: Pie chart
Fig 6: Bar chat

Respondents were asked whether they like sports or not. According to fig 5, 68.4% of the respondents said yes while only 31.6% said no. Therefore, the majority of respondents like sports. Moreover, those respondents who said they don’t like sports were asked what other activities do they usually do. Fig 6 shows that majority of them said they dance, go hiking, and do workout. Therefore, most of the respondents do like sports, if not they prefer doing activities which are also related to physical and makes them feel relaxed and fit.

Fig 7: Pie chart

Respondents were asked to give out their views on whether they think sport helps to overcome their stress. Fig 7 shows that 84.2% of the respondents think sport helps to overcome their stress. The majority of them said that sports make them feel relax and better, and it helps them to divert their mind off their university problems. However, only 15.8% of the respondents don’t think sport helps them overcome stress. They prefer listening to music, drawing, or talking to people that help them cope with their stress. Furthermore, according to the secondary source, a study by (Emilie et al, 2012) suggests that students with extensive sports practices help them have low stress than those who rarely do sports. Moreover, another study (Aimee et al, 2010), reveals that there is a relationship between sports and stress. Sport helps to improve physical health which makes a person more relaxed and fresh. In addition, a relaxed and fresh person has a very less chance of having stress. Therefore, this shows that sports do help to overcome stress.

Fig 8: Bar Chart

Fig 8 shows the bar chart of whether respondents share their stress with anyone. As we can see that most of the respondents don’t share their stress with anyone and only some of them share about their stress with their friends. Therefore, this shows that students don’t share their stress with their parents or teachers. This can be a bit of worry because teachers and parents can give them a solution and helps to overcome their stress when they let them know. When we look at fig 4, many respondents have thought to give up their studies. lack of sharing with teachers and parents can be the reason for having more stress and thinking to give up.


To conclude, I found out that sports do help to overcome university life. Many students feel that sport helps them relax their mind and body, and makes them forget about their university for a moment. Which makes them feel less pressured and have less stress from university life. In addition, it is a good thing that many students actually like playing sports as it can help them cope with stress. However, some students felt like giving on studies due to a lack of sharing about stress with teachers and friends. Therefore, parents and teachers should take the initiative to promote sports and talk about stress with their students. Both my primary and secondary data show that sport helps to overcome stress. That’s why students should try to do more sport.


Abouserie, Reda (2006), Sources and Levels of Stress in relation to Locus of Control and Self Esteem in University Students, Retrieved from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/0144341940140306

Aimee k & Valeria J. F (2010), Leisure, Stress, and Coping: The Sport Participation of Collegiate Student-Athletes, Retrieved from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/01490400306569?needAccess=true

Décamps, G., Boujut, E., & Brisset, C. (2012, March 22). French College Students’ Sports Practice and Its Relations with Stress, Coping Strategies and Academic Success. Retrieved November 20, 2020, from https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00104/full

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