BCM212: Reflection on Research

Through out the progress of my research project, I have learned a lot. For instance, I have learned how to do a research project in an ethical way. Although I have done some research projects in Associate degree, but I have never thought to do the research in an ethical way by getting a consent from responds to use their data and then deleting the after the research is over.

Moreover, choosing a topic was the most difficult part for me as I couldn’t really think of a nice topic. Therefore, I started thinking about what I’m interested it. So as I like sports a lot, I thought I should do something related to sports. For the next couple of days, I started thinking about how sports in related to university students. From there I thought to research about sports and stress. As whenever i have stress because of university life, I tend to go play sport in order to freshen up and relaxes my mind. Therefore, I started having a curiosity on whether other students also do sports to help them overcome with university life.

Designing and distributing the questionnaire was also a difficult thing as we were only limited to make around 10-12 questions. Therefore, I had to choose the best and limited questions which was time consuming and difficult. After designing my questionnaire, it was very difficult to get 30 responses. Our class only have around 24 students and we had to get help from the BCM212 students in Australia and Dubai. However, even after trying so much by posting it on twitter and using the hashtags of BCM212, posting on our class groups, I still couldn’t get 30 responses. I only got 19 responses. Therefore, I also leaned how difficult it is to get more responses from people even after trying so much. However, I am still happy that at least I got 19 questions which was still enough for me to finish my research project.

Lastly, I think I should plan out my work more efficiently so that I have more time to get people do the questionnaire. As I think, it takes the most time and I should spare more time for distributing my questionnaire so that I can enough responses I want. I also hope that I can improve more by reading more secondary sources.

Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

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