BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

My Digital Artifact idea is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education. I intend to examine the changes Artificial Intelligence will bring to education and the influence of Artificial intelligence in the next 5 to 20 years from now. I will look at how it will affect the Human/ Society reactions. I was inspired by the computer “HAL 9000” in the movie “A Space Odyssey” where the computer had all the controls in his hands and it helped the astronauts travel safely- Although there were some technical issues at the end. I thought maybe Artificial Intelligence can be brought in Education so that the teachers and student can be benefit by it.

Artificial Intelligence in Education will benefit both teachers and students. For instance, Virtual Tutors will help students know their progress and gives them instant feedbacks. On the other hand, teachers will be benefited by AI grading their students. Not only saving teachers time, but also helping teachers capture the emotions of students, for example, whether any student is struggling or is bored in the class.

I will be using blog post as a format for my Digital Artefact. I will research about my topic on google scholar and other news articles and collect all the relevant data from it. Then I will release my final blog post on my blog page.



Staff, T. (2018, September 16). 10 Roles For Artificial Intelligence In Education. Retrieved January 18, 2021, from https://www.teachthought.com/the-future-of-learning/10-roles-for-artificial-intelligence-in-education/

Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

3 thoughts on “BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch

  1. You are having an interesting topic on having Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education. I think is a good idea for future development in education.
    From your presentation, I think you are going to put AI as an assistant to help with education. As you have mentioned, it does not need emotion and memories at all. The purpose to have this is to reduce the workload and pressure from teachers. And it is believed that nothing similar to “West World” and “Blade Runner” may happen. XD
    I can see that you are ready to have rich background research in your DA. You show your research direction clearly. And I would like to know more about what kind of content are you going to have in your blog? Are you going to have a two-sided argument about applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education? Or are you going to focus on the benefits and potent of it only? And I will suggest you have a two-sided argument and it will help for your DA to be more comprehensive.
    If you are going to have a two-sided argument in your DA, here is a question that I want to make about the worry of AI. As the AI may need to connect to the internet and provide information, will it be a worry that hackers may tamper with the data as they wish to? Hope that my comment is providing help to you, and look forward to reading your prediction soon! Maybe it will be one of the reasons for no need to attend school every day in the future.


  2. I liked how instead of replacing teachers entirely, you went with the path of implementing AI technology to aid human teachers. It was great how you mentioned other possibilities like being able to focus more on the students’ well-being and mental state. To help them with whatever they may be going through in life as that is often overlooked in a system where grade is king.

    Here are some resources that may help you:

    I can’t wait to read about your progess in the future.


  3. Hi Aqib,
    A very nicely thought out and articulate pitch. I appreciate your effort on having a clear structure about your DA.
    Your topic is very interesting because I remember couple year back, I read a news story about how AI could possibly become our teachers in the future. The reasons why AI/Robots are not teachers yet could be:
    • Ethical issues
    How does the students learn from someone (I am not sure what pronouns to use on them, so I have to use this for now) that does not understand how the society works? Especially younger children need heavy guidance on behaviours and etiquette in their daily life. They learn through communicating with their peers, and sometimes a teacher needs to step into certain situations. How does a robot detect inappropriate behaviour? How do they teach the ethics when we are not sure if that is ethical or not?

    • Is it Passive learning or Active Learning?
    If it is passive learning, then the students would not get much out of it. Students require active learning to make the experience the most rewarding for them. Simply reading knowledge or content to students is not teaching. Teaching requires years of life experiences plus expertise. How could the robot interact with the students without emotions? How do they accumulate the life experiences that human gets? How do they teach beyond facts and numbers?
    Below are some resources for you to reference to, Good Luck with your DA!

    Miki Kan Wing Yi



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