BCM313: Narrative Reflection: Disruption faced in the Pandemic

“Although life is rich in lived experience, we give meaning to very little of this experience”

Michael White, 2007

Everything was going smoothly in our lives. I, as a student, was following my routine and having classes on the college campus until a sudden virus came into our lives and disrupt all our routines and plans. The name of the virus is coronavirus (Covid-19). Every single thing had to shut down. Now, if someone told me 2 years ago about this virus, which will lead to everything being shut down for more than a year, whether it’s schools, Universities, offices, immigration departments, or even airlines. I would never believe it. How can a virus last for more a year? But after living through it, I had to say that I came across lots of difficulties in the past 1 year.

Last year in April, the cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong started to grow and all of us had to stay at home. A new normal started where face to face classes turned into online classes. Which at the beginning I was excited. I always dreamed to have classes on my bed so I can do whatever I want like eat, drink or nap. But when online classes started especially after September, I found out that it was difficult to focus on the lectures as my bed was always distracting me from focusing. Although it saved the traveling time, I think it wasn’t worth it. The early morning classes were always difficult because I could never get out of my bed to attend the class. And whenever I tune in to the online lectures on the bed, I always end up sleeping. So it was very difficult for me as all of my routines changed. Before the pandemic, I used to do lots of sports in order for me to stay relax all the time but the pandemic forced me to pause everything.

However, time passed and I got used to the new normal. Since the new normal, new routines started to become normal because I have been living with it for lots of months already. I found out that online classes are actually much better as I saved a lot of my traveling time to give more time to my assignments which as a result, I got better grades than my previous years.

However, due to some family reasons, I had to come back to my hometown (Pakistan) in the semester break in December for around 20 days. Before leaving Hong Kong, the virus was silent and everything was starting to open and I thought I would also come back as soon as my tensions are over in Pakistan. Nonetheless, in late December, the 4th wave hit Hong Kong and this time, things were very tough and I knew it will take very long now. So I started looking for an airline ticket so that I can go back to Hong Kong before semester B starts. However, at that time all the flights were suspended until further notice and I couldn’t go back to Hong Kong. I had to do my online classes here in Pakistan.

During this pandemic for nearly 1 year now, the most difficult and what disrupted me was to have online classes from Pakistan because the timing of Hong Kong and Pakistan is very different. Hong Kong is 3 hours ahead of Pakistan. Also, my class starts at 9am on Hong Kong time which means that the class starts at 6am in Pakistan. So I always had to wakeup at 5am to freshen up myself and get ready for class. This process stressed me out as it very difficult for to wake up before the sunrise and get ready for my lesson and that too to focus in my class.

In the early weeks, I was very stressed and couldn’t understand how will I attend classes because I am a person who can never wake up early no matter what. But obviously, I valued classes more than my sleep. So I had to come with plans which will help me in attending my classes on time. Therefore, I started thinking about what I should do and came up with a plan that I should try to make my routine like I was in Hong Kong. For example, I should sleep at 11 pm Hong Kong time (8 pm Pakistan time) so that I can have a good 8-hour sleep before attending my class. I started to follow this routine and now I have got used to it and I don’t find any difficulties.

During this pandemic, I learned that changing routines is very difficult because you need some time to settle in your new routine. Also, we should always value our classrooms, offices because there can be a day when we all cant get these environments. Moreover, I think a person should never leave a country during pandemics because it can be very difficult to return back to your house.

Narrative Therapy

Michael White, an Australian social worker who developed the concept of narrative therapy. It helps when people get overwhelmed- by re-authoring- this means taking control of your story and using it to help steer into the future” (White, 2007). In addition, It inspires a person to reduce the current issue by sharing stories and exploring “wider ranges of possibilities for the future. (White, 2007). This technique of Narrative Therapy helped me look at my story and how I can learn from it for my future. It makes me think of what I value more in my life so I can focus on that rather than focusing on other things. For example, I had a dilemma in choosing to wake up early for online classes or to just sleep. I valued having class more so I had to think and come up with a plan on how I can attend class on time.


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