Live Tweets (Week 1 to 6)

Since Week 2, we have been live tweeting on movie screening in the class. To be honest, in the first few weeks, I was lost and had a difficult time tweeting because I was not sure on what I should or shouldn’t tweet about the movie. However, I started to know what I need to tweet after some weeks by seeing the past examples and getting use to my own tweet routine. I watched 5 movies from week 2 to week 6 and have live tweeted / engaged on twitter. In the following, I will be showing my engagement and tweets i have done in the past 5 weeks.

Live Tweets

In the first week of live tweeting, I was puzzled as I didn’t know what I should tweet for the movie (Metropolis). So I started searching about the movie on Google and see if there’s anything I can tweet about it. I couldn’t find anything so I though I should tweet the background of the movie and above is my first ever tweet of the movie screening in the last 6 weeks.

Slowly, I started to think about what my course is about, and what I learned in the lecture so that I can use that knowledge to tweet. I started comparing the life in the movie VS the life I’m living today.

After tweeting for a while in the first 2 weeks of live tweeting, I started tweeting about the technologies, how the movie have predicted so many things that we are living with it today. For example, in the move “A space Odyssey” there was a computer “HAL 9000” which controlled the whole spaceship and today, we’ve got SIRI. I also started to use some images instead of just texts so that i can engage well with people through my tweets.

Later in the next weeks, I started to know what my tweets should look like and what I need to tweet about. I tried looking at how the movie is showing the prediction and the imagination of future world and the technology will enhance in the future. Lots of Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen from the movies like how the robots are taking control over people. And how a human is having a cybernetic body parts but a brain of human. I started dropping all the notes from the movie which is related to Artificial Intelligence and compared it with todays life whether are we having the technologies shown in the movie or not, like the flying cars or voice-controlled computers (SIRI).

Interaction Tweets

I also interacted with my classmates on twitter about the movie screenings. I interacted and engaged with my classmates through liking their posts, commenting and retweeting their tweets. This process helped me learn what are people think about the future technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

I engaged with my classmates through re-tweeting their tweets and giving my opinions or answering their tweets. This was the best approach of interaction for me because I could use my classmate views and try to comment on them

I also involved in meaningful conversations with my classmates talking about the technologies and robots in the movies which have different features in them. It is really nice to know about my classmates comments and opinion about the Artificial Intelligence.

Twitter allows people to like and comment on people’s tweet. I used the full advantage of that interact with my classmates through liking their tweets and commenting on them. A “like” also make other classmates know that they have tweeted relevantly.

Engagement rate

The above screenshot shows my engagement rate with my classmates and the impressions I received from people.


I think I should try to prepare before watching the movie and prepare as much tweets as I can so that I can choose the right tweets while I’m watching the movie. I will also try to use different features provided by Twitter like to ask questions using poll on my twitter so that I can interact more with my classmates. I believe that I am improving each week and will try to do better in the next coming weeks

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Bachelors in Communication and Media

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