BCM 215 Part 2: The Game Counter Strike!!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive No Steam - WaRzOnE Free Download

In the previous blog, I talked about the introduction of the game, when and who released the game, and how the game was updated to Counterstrike: Global Offensive in 2012. I also talked about the popularity of the game both on social media and the game itself. A cause was provided of why the game is so popular and how it can be very addictive. In this blog, I will talk about my own experience of playing the game counter strike and what are the fan’s/ player’s behavior and comments towards the game counterstrike and lastly show the marketing strategies by the game.

My experience:

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To understand more about the game, I will be sharing my experience playing the game counter strike. I remember I was in high school when I started playing counterstrike online. One of my friends introduced it to me and it was completely a new thing for me because I have never played any online shooting game which allowed me to pair up with my teammates or play against my friends. This feature of the game which allows players to play with or against their friends made me crazy about the game and I got addicted to it. Every day after school, I would go to the computer room and play the game for hours. According to my Auto-ethnography, I feel the better the feature and the graphics are of the game, it makes people addictive which happened with me.

Fan’s Reviews on the game

According to the (Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media, 2019), I went through the reviews of what the fans had to say about the game and found out that most of the people are quite positive about the game, although they recommended that the game is more suitable to be played if you’re aged above 12+ because of some violence in the game. This completely shows that there is some violence in the game which might harm the children and make them get more addicted to the game. Moreover, some of the parents review that lots of their children have been addicted to the game because the game provides lots of opportunities for their kids to play on a different battlefield with their friends. Therefore, after reviewing parents’ and fan’s reviews, I found out that the violence and the free choosing feature of the battlefields is also a cause of making players addicted to the game.   

Marketing Strategy:

CSGO's monthly average count started an upward trend in August
(Johnson, Valve’s patience and PERFECT WORLD’S MARKETING fuel Csgo records 2020)

The game growth lots of popularity since the update of the counter strike version in 2012, however, it stopped in some months in 2019, when the game saw a downfall in popularity of the game counter strike. It was time for the game producers to use some successful tactics to bring back the popularity of the game. Therefore, the Counterstrike decided to play out some tactics. According to (Johnson, 2020), the game launched some high-profile tournaments to help grow back its original popularity of the game. Counter strike played a major role in bringing different features and tournaments at the right time to make people play the game again. 

To conclude, the better the features and the better the graphics, it makes people more addicted to the game. Therefore, if a new player wants to start playing Counter strike, he should be aware of the consequences and find out solutions which might help him when he gets addicted to the game. Also, the producers of the game played a successful market strategy when the popularity of the game was starting to shrink.


Chapman, D. (2019, June 19). Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/counter-strike-global-offensive/user-reviews/child

Johnson, N. (2020, April 30). Valve’s patience and PERFECT WORLD’S MARKETING fuel Csgo records. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from https://win.gg/news/4131/valve’s-patience-and-perfect-world’s-marketing-fuel-csgo-records

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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