BCM215: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

A. My 3 Comments of my classmates Beta Presentation

  1. Beta Presentation: Comment 1 (Chaman) https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/beta-presenation-puzzle-video-games/

Chaman’s Digital Artifact Beta Presentation is about the game candy crush. It’s obvious why I choose her beta to comment is because Candy Crush is very popular and I have played that a lot in my life. I contributed to her Da by giving her some suggestions which I think may help her polish her digital artifact research and makes it more interesting. Thus, I told her to also focus on the game’s future, as to how the game might change in the future, and what are the plans of candy crush. Moreover, I also suggest her to talk about will the game change its platform from(e.g. from mobile phone game to VR Gaming?). Furthermore, to make her more understanding about my suggestions, I shared a link with her which talks about the future of Candy Crush. Therefore, I think my suggestion will help her a lot because at the moment she is focusing on the past and present, but if she also talks about the future, it will be a complete package of the research and it will help make her research interesting and useful to the readers. Moreover, I learned a lot about Candy Crush from Chaman’s Beta Presentation which I never knew before like the positive and negative about the game. I can’t wait to read Chaman’s final Resrech so I can learn more.

2. Beta Presentation: Comment 2 (Katrina) https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/bcm215-game-media-industries-learning-tetris/comment-page-1/?unapproved=179&moderation-hash=9fa553d786e9a5f00264847db5e23047#comment-179

The second comment I did is for Katrina. Her Digital Artifact is about the game Tetris. It is a very interesting game as it helps people kill time. But why I choose her Beta Presentation to comment on is because she chooses to share her research data on a YouTube video rather than on a blog post, where most of my classmates including me did. Moreover, although her research and beta presentation are very good, I suggested her to talk about the positive and negative about the game so that people can know about it before they try the game. I also suggested her articles which I thought will her with that. Also, I recommended her to talk about the future of the game so that the user can know what can they expect from the game in the future. I think my suggestions will help her because I think every gamer wants to know the positive and negative of the game and what the game will provide them in the future. Therefore I have provided her with 3 articles that I think will help her with her research. Lastly, I learned how to share your research data on a YouTube video rather than a blog post because I felt that blogs can sometimes be boring but a video is always very interesting and engaging.

  1. https://www.wired.com/story/tetris-effect-tetsuya-mizguchi-virtual-reality/
  2. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/5876/alexey_pajitnov__tetris_past_.php?print=1
  3. https://constantrenewal.com/tetris-effect/

3. Beta Presentation: Comment 3 (Clement) https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/03/01/bcm215-beta-digital-artifact/comment-page-1/#comment-187

The third comment I did is for Clement. His Digital Artifact is about the game Mobile Suit Gundam. I choose his beta presentation to comment on because I have never heard of this game before and want to explore more on what and how the game is. Therefore, after watching his Beta Presentation video I found out that there might be some suggestions that will help Clement with his research. Therefore, I suggest Clement talk about how the game will affect humans in the future because he was only focusing on the present time. This suggestion will help him because I think when a reader reads a research report he also wants to know more about what the game will bring in the future rather than just the present. Moreover, I also suggest him to look at the paratext and the game analysis of the game so that the readers can know more about the game and shared an article from which he can take reference from. I think my suggestions will help him polish his research report. Lastly, I learned about this new game and I hope to play it soon after reading Clement’s final research report o his Digital artifact.


B. Comments I receive:

My Beta Presentation Link: https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/bcm215-digital-artifact-beta-presentation-2/

Comment 1: From Sarah

The first comment I receive is from Sarah, she suggested me some very useful suggestions which will help improve my Digital Artefact. She provided a scholarly article and told me to use Reddit for my public engagement. I think these suggestions will help me a lot.

Comment 2: Chaman

The second comment I receive is from Chaman, she also provided me some good and useful suggestion including an articled to improve my Digital Artifact. Also, she told me to talk about the future of the game. I will highly look forward to her suggestions and see if it can fit in my Digital artifact research.

Comment 3: Ellix

The third comment I got is from Ellix, I think he misunderstood on what I am focusing for my game. He thought i am only focusing on the market strategy of the game. However, that’s not true because I also focused on the paratext, game media analysis and the behavior of the counter strike gamers.


After reading and watching my classmates beta presentation videos, I think I leaned a lot from those videos. For example, I leaned about the new game and also leaned how to do a better research about my Digital Artifact. I also appreciate my classmates who choose to comment my and gave me some very good and useful suggestions on my Digital Artifact.

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