BCM 313: Narrative Interview Reflection

When I was told that I need to conduct an interview of a person who works professionally in a way that is relevant to my future, I thought it will be a very difficult task. Because in my life, I have always gone to give an interview rather than conduct an interview that off someone senior to me. I was unsure of who to interview and what questions should I asked him, and after that how will I present his story in front of my classmates. Moreover, during the preparation time of the interview, I had to come back from Pakistan to Hong Kong which made it more difficult as I having a lot of stress of finding the hotels in Hong Kong for 21 days quarantine. However, I managed to find a person for the interview and started preparing for the interview.

Why I interviewed Adil Mehmood?

When I was thinking of whom should I interview for my assignment, lots of people came into my mind like my former teachers who taught me in my high school and during my associate degree, as I am still in contact with some of the teachers. However, I thought that most of my classmates might interview teachers so I wanted to interview someone whose profession is unique. Then I remembered there was a person (Adil Mehmood) whom my parents used to complement a lot while I was in high school and used to tell me that I should learn from him how to have a successful career. Therefore, I thought I should interview Adil and learn more about how he started his career to what profession he has today. I had his WhatsApp number so I asked him if I could interview him for my assignment regarding his work life. He replied saying that he is available to be interviewed and is happy to help with my assignment.

After approaching Adil for the interview, I started formulating some questions which will help me to ask my interviewee. However, it was very difficult to form the questions and as I’ve known Adil for many years, it was very difficult for me to conduct the interview formally because I was afraid whether Adil will take me seriously or not, or whether will I be able to focus on the interview questions or not as I didn’t want myself or the interview to go off-topic. Therefore, I thought to interview Adil on Zoom as I thought it might help me focus more and not go off-topic as zoom meetings can also provide a formal environment for the interview.

I feel that the interview went very smoothly as he was answering my questions very clearly and it was very easy to understand. Moreover, I used the narrative practice to interview Adil by making the interview more like storytelling than an actual interview. Furthermore, during the interview, what I like the most about his responses was that he was ready to engage and try to understand the questions in a way that was easier for me to understand him, for example, when I asked him to share the challenges he faced in his current job, he did not only mentioned the challenges he faced in his current job but compared his current job challenges with the challenges he faced during his previous jobs. His answer gave me a more understanding about his challenges as I think the challenges he faced in his previous jobs were obstacles for him but when he became a mechanical engineer (current job), his challenges became his strength to work more herder as he was always ready to face them. The answer also shows his value towards his dream job.

My values shaped

The values I formed after interviewing Adil are that I should be ready to face any challenges I face in my life rather than run away from them. I should always take the good out of the challenges and treat them as I am learning some new skills from the challenges/ obstacles. According to week 3 of BCM313, “Michael White pioneered a way of enabling his clients to learn from listening and retelling the stories of others”. I also learned a lot from listening to Adil and telling his story to the class for my presentation. For example, I learned that how I should look into myself and the values I’m having and how a story changes as different people have different ways to share a story which may make the story change a bit.

To conclude, I think conducting an interview and then sharing the interviewee’s story with my class went very well than I expected at the beginning. I also learned how to see the values of yourselves or others through the stories they share.

Presentation PowerPoint: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12P0NyKZvCK39xQmAP5-iKiylRHCJ4xA-HZaRKKpC2vY/edit?usp=sharing


Week 3, BCM313 The future of work, Retrieved from https://moodle.uowplatform.edu.au/pluginfile.php/2694808/mod_resource/content/1/BCM313%20Week%203.pdf

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