BCM325: Beta Comments and Self-Reflection

As we are coming to the end of the semester, I have learned a lot about the future thinking through the movie screenings, lectures, and through my classmate’s digital artifacts. It has also helped me with my Digital Artifact as well as to comment on my classmate’s digital artifact beta presentation. I have commented on three of my classmate’s Beta presentations.

Last time, when I had to comment on my classmate’s pitch presentation, I couldn’t focus much on the academically as I just gave away my comments and suggestions without having an academic article (Google Scholar) or used the lecture notes as reference. However, this time I have used the full advantage of google scholar and lecture notes to give comments and recommendations to my classmates. I will be discussing the comments below:

  1. Beta Presentation (Jeffrey) ____ (https://jeffery99.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/bcm325-da-beta/)

Jeffrey’s Digital Artifact Beta Presentation is about the future of online shopping. His Beta Presentation videos show that he has completed 1 out of the 2 videos he is going to make for his digital artifact. He talked about technological advancement in his first video. His beta presentation video is also well managed with a good flow as he has talked about everything like the changes he has made, what has he completed so far, and what will do in the future

However, I noticed that Jeffrey talked about shopping vs the future of online shopping, I felt that he shouldn’t just focus on shopping “in-site shopping” rather talk about how’s online shopping now vs how it will be in the future. I also recommended him to talk about how the future of online shopping will enhance/affect people’s behavior. Moreover, I suggested him to use the lecture notes to give reference to the research he does and also give an example of how the future of online shopping might look like– will it be something related to Artificial Intelligence? or Cyborgs?

Finally, after my suggestions to Jeffrey, I also recommended to him some useful google scholar articles which I think will him with his future research and make him understand more. These articles talk more about what I suggested him to do.

2. Beta Presentation (Khan Mahanur)___ (https://youtu.be/sKm9apSZzp0)


Mahanur’s beta presentation talks about the development of robots in the future. Her beta presentation video is very detailed and has a good flow. She has done 3 video essays where she talked about the past/ present and pros/ cons of the development of robots in the future. She has also used reference academically (Google scholar and lecture notes), however, I suggested her to reference some movies like Blade runner, robot and Frank or Alita: Battle Angel, as movies predict and explains a lot about the development of robots in future. It shows how robots can bring positive factors as well as some negative factors to the world. I also recommended her to talk about Bell’s future from lecture notes (Possible, Probable, and a Preferable future). Finally, I recommended her 2 links about the development of future robots which I think will help her with her final draft.

3. Beta Presentation (Sarah)___ (https://sarahjrmz.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/bcm325-beta/)

Sarah’s Beta Presentation video is about the future of biometrics. I liked Sarah’s bitch presentation video as she mentioned everything she has done so far and what are her plans. Her pitch presentation video is very well balanced. I think she has talked about everything that needs to be there in her research. Her blogs also give some case studies which I think makes it very easy for the audience to understand her topic. However, I recommended her to talk more about the pros/ cons of the future of biometrics as lots of people are not aware of how biometrics can affect their behavior. Moreover, I suggested her to use the futurists as a reference to help her with her research. Finally, I suggested her 2 articles that talk bout her topic and talk more about my recommendations.


Overall, I think the beta presentation videos are quite well. I have suggested and provided some links which I think will help them polish their Digital Artifact. Lastly, I feel that my commenting on classmate’s digital artifacts helps me as well as I can get more knowledge about future thinking and use it for my digital artifacts.

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