BCM325: Live Tweeting (Week 7-12)

Part 2 of live-tweeting of movie screenings has been more better and relaxed when compared to part 1 of live-tweeting. I managed to understand more after receiving the comments from the tutor about the part 1 live-tweeting and made the corrections and improvements accordingly. I remember that I used to do very little preparation before the movie screening in part 1 (Week 1 to 6), however, I managed to prepare more and it helped me catch up and tweet something relevant to the lecture materials and the future. I watched 4 movie screenings from week 7 to 12 and have tweeted/ engage on Twitter. I will be showing my tweets, retweets, and other engagement on Twitter below.

Live Tweets

When I try to start the live-tweeting, I focused on the background and what the movie is about so that it can give me a flow to start tweeting other stuff from the lecture notes. The notes that I drop down before watching the movie (preparation) helped me as it was always very easy for me to know what the movie is and what will I be expecting from the movie.

The next thing I try to do is to find the things from the movie that are the same or completely different from the actual world we are living in. Or I try to find out whether will we see the technological advancements in our lives which are shown in the movie. I also use some questions to ask on Twitter and see what does the audience think about it (especially the technological advancement that are still yet to have discoursed in the actual world). For example, whether robots will bring good to people or bad? or will ever have an Oasis game in the future? This method helps me think more and helps me think of more stuff to tweet.

After that, I try to answer all the questions that were listed in the lecture notes and also use lecture notes as a reference to find the things that are related and then tweet about it. For example, I try to see what artificial intelligence has been used in the movie, whether it has lead to a utopian or dystopian world, how has cyberspace been represented in the movie, whether the imagination and predictions are correct and etc.

I also tweeted about the Online world and the offline world in the movie. For example how the different worlds lead to a conflict in the different representation of identity. This helped me see how life are in the actual world, where so many people are having 2 different identities (1. social media/ 2. actual life).

I also try to find out what positive and negative will the technologies bring to the human’s behavior.

This is one of the tweets I tweeted at last as I wanted to summarize what I have been tweeting since the first week. Since the first week of the movie screening, I was tweeting about witnessing a robot or cybernetic body with a human in my real life, but there are still no clues that we will see that really soon. Movies in 1950 were predicting these robots in 2020 and the movies in 2020 are predicting these types of robots in 2045. Will we see movies in 2045 predicting these advanced robots in 2070?

Engagements/ Interaction tweets

In part 2 of the live tweeting, I started using polls to engage with my audience and see what are their thoughts. This really helps you see what the public are expecting from the future by watching the movie.

I also retweeted my classmates tweets which I thought were helpful in learning the future thinking. I also quoted some of the tweets before retweeting them. Moreover, I also liked my classmates tweets to try to engage with them.

Meaningful Conversation (Comments)

I also engaged with meaningful conversation with my classmates regrading the movie and the interesting topics about robot. This method is very good as you can exchange your views with your classmates and also learn from their views.

Engagement rate:

My tweets impression and the people who have visited my profile have increase by 36.5% and 101.9% respectively.


To sum up, I think I have improved a lot when compared to part 1 of live-tweeting as I tried to use more references from lecture notes and I also tried to engage more with my classmates through liking, retweeting, quote retweeting, and commenting on their tweets. I also learned a lot about how to tweet live while watching a movie at the same time.

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