BCM 313: Course Reflection

The future of Work (BCM313) course has been quite a unique course when compared to the courses I had previously whether it was an Associate degree or the top-up degree. It was a bit challenging since the first week of it like every week I had to come out of my comfort zone and try to talk about the ongoing topic. The best and the most interesting part I liked about the course was how every week a guest speaker was coming from different part of industries to give us a talk about their career and so that we can learn about Narrative therapy– All thanks to the lecture, Maria Fung. It was very helpful as I wasn’t sure how is the reality after studying when I start to work full time.

Guest speakers coming to give a talk every week also helped me with the assignment as I was aware of how a narrative is held after listening to the guest speakers. It also helped me share my interviewee’s story, his information, and the values he’s having in front of the class. Interviewing someone who works professionally gave me an idea of how professional work is, what challenges and struggles they face, and finally how do they face these challenges. This has helped me prepare myself for a full-time job after studying.

Throughout the course, although the whole course was online and I couldn’t meet any of my classmates, I still learned a lot about my classmates through sharing experiences and values, etc. It was a great unfortunate of not having face-to-face classes but of course safety first, we were still able to talk about ourselves and share our ideas through zoom break-out rooms which I thought was very helpful with the assignment and of knowing more about our classmates.

Finally, the whole course was about Narrative practice and how the future of work is changing. I learned how we can learn through telling other people’s stories. I also learned a lot about how the future is changing through the research and I think I am aware of what I can expect from the future of work now.

Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

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