BCM313: The Work is Changing

When we take a look at how the world of work was like a couple of years back before an unexpected and unforeseen pandemic called “Covid 19” arose all over the world. We could have never imagined how the world of work will change all of a sudden after 2019. Imagine if there was no virus (Covid 19) ever happened in the world, would the work still change so much? Would we still be using online platforms to work from home in bed? I doubt not. Although the virus is an infelicitous thing which happened in our lives as it has lost a lot of lives and disrupted many people’s life routines and plans all over the world, but it also gave a prospect to the world to endeavor a new level of work-life (online) which no one has ever thought of.

At the starting of the pandemic, lots of companies and organizations failed to fight the situation and experienced big losses as it was a different and new crisis for them to handle. Take Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways as an example, HK Cathay Airways loses a record of HK$21.6 billion during the Covid-19 pandemic. A company’s loss does not only affect the employers but also the workers who are working for them. There are lots of other big companies and organizations who also had a big loss. According to (APESO, 2020), 81 million jobs were lost because of the pandemic. However, the pandemic changed the whole way of work as it gave people a sense of belongings on how they work individually online. Big companies and organizations also started fighting the pandemic and informed their employees to work from home. These strategies help the companies to maintain a survival mode. 

We all believe that sooner or later Artificial Intelligence would have ensued to take control all over the world including the world of work. The pandemic has delineated a shade of how the environment will look like after Artificial Intelligence completely takes over the control in almost all elements in our lives especially the work life. For instance, before the pandemic, whenever someone wants to open a company, they have to look out for lots of things such as the location, a place for an office. However, they do need to find a place for their office now as they can open up an office online. They can run their business and company through the internet and inform their employees to work from their homes. The pandemic has helped and taught employers and employees how to work and attend meetings online at home. This has helped the world take its first step towards Artificial Intelligence in work life. 

According to Robert Tanner (2020), “The world of work is changing! Old business models and outdated management and leadership practices do not fit this new reality”. The world of work has climbed to a position where companies will require leaders and executives who are skilled in digital transformation, creativity, innovation, communication, and strategic thinking. The world of work does not accept leaders having the old sense of business skills because it is an era of digital and social media where leaders and employers need to be very creative and think of how they can expand their business through the digital era. The capability of working spontaneously would be an ascendancy as it will require an individual to develop innovative needs and generate new business concepts. 

As we can see that the pandemic has given the world to think and change the world of work into a different perspective. Lots of people believe that due to advanced technology, robots, and  Artificial Intelligence will eat up human labor. However, that’s not true. According to (Tom Standage, n.d), “technology is actually creating jobs for society, rather than taking them away. For example, the advent of 3D printing means that we need more designers and fewer people with building skills”. People will need to maintain their skills pertinent to the modern trend if they want to be relevant to the market. The pandemic has given a chance to the people to see through their skills and catch sight of what they are capable of instead of being dependent.  

Narrative Practice

Narrative practice helps inspire a person to take action by sharing stories and experimenting with “wider ranges of possibilities for the future”, (White, 2007). The narrative practice also helps people look at their story (pandemic) and see how they can learn from it and be ready to face the current and future problems. The pandemic has made people realize that it’s time to change their working environment into something they have never thought of.

Covid-19 has helped people explore their own talents and skills they’re having and try to use them without being dependent on anyone. It is an era of digital and social media, people should focus on what they can individually through the internet. The pandemic also gave a way to Artificial Intelligence to step in by making the working environment into an online home working office. Now people will be able to know how the work might look like in the future and whether they can continue working online or not.


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