BCM215: Contextual Blog (DA)


The game I choose for my Digital Artifact was “Counter-strike; GO”. I intended to investigate the game on how it affects people in different ways and to find out whether the game is addictive or not. This game inspired me because when I was in high school, I used to play Counter-strike a lot where I got addicted to the game. Also, as well all know, due to the pandemic, lots people have to stay at home because of home- school and home office, people may play counter-strike at home. Therefore, I wanted to know whether the game is addictive or not so that when a new player wants to play the game, he can be aware of it. I also briefly talked about the game media analysis, text, and the paratext of the game.


As we all know that all good games are very addictive. If a game is not good, it won’t be addictive. Therefore, you need to be aware of addictive games and make sure you have solutions when you start getting addicted to the game. For my utility, my Digital Artifact will help new players to know the positive and negative effects s of the game and know what impact does it brings on society so that they can be aware of the negative effects and obtain knowledge before trying out the game for the first time. And finally, so that the new players know whether the game is addictive or not. The target audience for my Digital Artifact is the general public, the current and new gamers, and the researchers.


I have used the Observation and Auto-ethnography methodology to complete my Digital Artifact. For my observation, I have read newspaper articles and academic papers from Google Scholar for my research about my topic. I also used Auto-ethnography which is my own experience about the game and the pandemic. Moreover, I used Blog posts as my Digital Artifact Format and posted 3 parts of a blog as my DA.

Background Research

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), lots of people started staying at home and started playing games. According to Statista, “Counter strike reached more than 1 million current players in November 2020”. That is why I believe the reason for the popularity is the pandemic.

The first blog talks about the background of the game and its history. I also talked about the popularity of the game on social media and what are the reasons for the game being so popular and how it can be addictive.

The second blog talks about my own experience playing the game and a player’s behavior and comments towards the game. I also talked about the marketing strategy used by the game producers when their game was losing popularity.

My last and blog 3 mainly talk about the impact the game has on society. It talks about the good and the bad impacts which may bring on society.


Throughout the Digital Artifact, I have made several adjustments in response to supportive feedback from my tutors and classmates. For instance, in my DA Pitch, I made several errors, such as not being able to use lecture notes to help my proposals, but after reading my tutor’s feedback, I was able to use lecture notes in my blog posts. I have undertaken detailed analysis using data from Google Scholar and lecture notes. To enhance public engagement, I posted all of my blog posts on my Twitter account and WhatsApp groups. I believe that my digital artifact went very smoothly as I was able to research what I wanted to research about.

Limitations & Success

I believe that I have some limitations when I was doing my Digital Artifact. The most difficult task during my Digital Artifact was when I was finding the academic research papers. I couldn’t find the academic papers from google scholars I wanted as I was only able to find a handful of papers which I think we’re not enough. However, at the end of the day, I have completed my Digital Artifact.


Statista. (2021, January 29). CS:GO peak concurrent player number on Steam 2016-2020https://www.statista.com/statistics/808630/csgo-number-players-steam/#:%7E:text=Counter%20Strike%20still%20going%20strong,the%20figure%20from%20May%202016

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