BCM325: Contextual Essay (DA)


My topic for my Digital Artifact is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education in the next 10 years. I intended to examine the changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to education and the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education in the next 10 years which is a medium-term constraint. I also researched how Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education will affect human/ society reactions and what are the possible Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies we might see in Education. I got inspired by this topic is due to the pandemic, as to how everything included the classes shifted to online. I thought how will it look like if AI is introduced in Education.


It is believed that Artificial Intelligence has always been good and it has helped to make people’s lives more convenient and easier. Therefore, I think Artificial Intelligence will also help to increase the level of Education and will be beneficial for both teachers and students in many ways. For example, Virtual Tutors can assist students with tracking their progress/ performance and will help to give them instance feedbacks. Teachers, on the other hand, would benefit from Artificial Intelligence grading their students. Not only does it save teachers time, but it also assists teachers in capturing students’ emotions, such as when a student is struggling or bored in class. Teachers can also have extra time to prepare for the class. Therefore, it is an advantage for both students and teachers.


I decided to use the Observation and Auto-ethnography method to complete my Digital Artifact. For my observation, I read newspaper articles and academic papers from Google Scholar which were related to my topic about AI in Education. I also used the Auto-ethnography method like used my own experience about the pandemic to help me research my topic. Moreover, I used Blog posts as my Digital Artifact Format and posted 3 parts of a blog as my DA.

Background Research

The first log mainly talks about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, and how it is for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be introduced in Education. Lastly, I mentioned the changes AI will bring to Education in the next 10 years.

The second blog is about the positives and negatives which can be brought by Artificial Intelligence in education and how it affects human/ society reactions. I used some examples to support my research and also used the lecture notes to help talk about the futurists.

My last blog talks about the future possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technologies and mentioned the futurist who helped to draw the ideas of the technologies. I mentioned some ideas and technologies which I thought we might see in educational sectors in the next 10 years and also refer my ideas to the futurists I learned about in the lecture notes.


Throughout the Digital Artifact, I have made lots of changes depending on the helpful comments by my tutors and my classmates. For example, I made some mistakes in my DA Pitch like I couldn’t use lecture notes to support my ideas but after reading my tutor’s comments, I was able to use lecture notes in my blog posts. I also did in-depth research with evidence from google scholar and lecture notes. All my blog posts were shared on my Twitter account and WhatsApp groups so that I can gain public engagement.


During the research, I encountered some difficulties while researching about the possible Artificial Intelligence technologies in the next 10 years. For instance, there were lots of technologies and I had to choose those which I thought we might see in Education in the next 10 years. Moreover, I also couldn’t manage my time well while completing my Digital Artificial due to traveling from Pakistan to Hong Kong. However, in the end, I am able to finish my Digital Artifact.

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Bachelors in Communication and Media

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