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Isn’t it amazing how we can see anything we want? We can go anywhere we want without being dependent on anything. But what about the people who cant see- visually impaired. or some elderlies who got very weak eyesight because of old age. Our group innovated a product called “iShades” which can help the visually impaired or the people who can’t see properly to detect the things surrounded so that they don’t have to depend on the whites canes or guide dogs. We believe that white canes and guide dogs aren’t suitable to be depended on in all situations due to various reasons. However, iShades is a product that is very convenient to use and will help the needy to know what’s in the surrounding.

Background Research

Due to the rise of advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), our group was able to do adequate research about the innovation of a product and how we can help make society better with our product. We research through google scholar and read many articles about Artificial Intelligence and technologies related to the visually impaired. We also found 2 industry reports by official departments about the visually impaired and elderly which muscle us to create a product to help because of the increasing of visually impaired and the dependency ratio of elderly. Besides google scholar and the industry report, we also use the full advantage of our lecture notes and their concepts/ terms to assist us in innovating our product.

Aims & Achievements

We aimed to improve the quality of life of the people who are unable to see properly by making a product where at least they can know what’s happening near them. We all believe that eyesight is very important as it helps us look at things, find our route, and live independently. According to Austin (2016), “there are some obstacles and limitations when people use a white cane or are led by the guide dogs”. Most visually impaired people use white canes and guide dogs when they go out, however it is not the best strategy as it can create obstacles for them. Therefore, we wanted to create something which can help the visually impaired to be dependent and make it convenient for them.

  • Digital Disruption

“Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies affect the value proposition of existing goods and services” (Tucci, 2019). It means that it is a change when innovation is invented and is much better than the existing one which brings a change in the society. We learned about Digital Disruption week 3 which inspired us to make a product that has been realized already and make it better so that it can help the people. Therefore, we decided to invent glasses that can help the visually impaired and the elderly to know what’s happing near them. There was already a product similar to the design of our products which is “Bone Conduction Headphones/ Sunglasses Wireless Safety Bluetooth Glasses Pro”. However, it had very few functions compared to us. Our product has more functions like a camera which detects the surrounding, a microphone and a bone conduction system which helps to input and output the sound and, a Bluetooth function where a person can connect the product which their smartphones and household, etc. We believe that digital disruption as our product is innovated to be a better version of existing technology and can bring fortune to society. 


We believe that our product will help the people who can’t see live a better life by knowing what’s happening near them and hope that the medical staff can help us distribute our product to the needy. I learned a lot through this project as I learned how much research is done when someone wants to invent a product, it also helped me know more about artificial intelligence and its technologies. Finally, I learned how to make promoting videos.



Austin, K., 2016. White Cane vs. Guide Dog: Why or Why Not?. Available at: https://www.second-sense.org/2016/09/white-cane-vs-guide-dog-why-or-why-not/

Eugenie . S (2021) , Week 3 | 14 Jan | Digital disruption, the Cultural Logic of Media Convergence and the Spotify Effect Retrieved from https://moodle.uowplatform.edu.au/pluginfile.php/2628297/mod_resource/content/7/BCM214_L3_DigitalDisruption-MediaConvergence-SpotifyEffect.pdf 

Tucci, L. (2019). What is digital disruption? Definition from whatis.com. Retrieved March 29, 2021, from https://searchcio.techtarget.com/definition/digitaldisruption#:~:text=Digital%20disruption%20is%20the%20change,of%20existing%20goods%20and%20services.>

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