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Above all the things I have learned in BCM312 Emerging Issues in Media and Communication, whether it’s the animal right or the sight of suffering, the topic I liked the most is the communication avoidance. Since social media has transpired a special spot in our lives, it has become arduous for an individual to not use social media. Rain Wilson tweeted on Twitter saying “I’m not on Facebook” is the new “I don’t even own a TV”. This exhibit how social media has been glued to our daily lives. Consequently, it has effected people in different ways such as the communication skills of people.

Background Research

Research Question: What are the Effects of Social Media on Communication Skills?

Social Media has always interested me as to how it has been changing everything gradually including the way we live and our everyday communication. It has created opportunities for people to interrelate with each other in a very convenient and easy way that the 2 person don’t even have to stay face to face in order to interact with each other. According to Lua, (2020), there are some very frequently used platforms where people can communicate with each other such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the very latest Snapchat. These platforms have created an opportunity to interact with others on a different level where they don’t have to take out time to talk with someone. They can just send or reply to any message whenever they want. However, when there is a positive factor of something, there is also some negative side of it. Therefore, I have chosen “ What are the effects of social media on communication skills” to find out how it has effect/ change communication both positively and negatively. This question is worth investigating as it can show people how much they been affected by social media in both good and bad ways. The findings of this topic will raise awareness of the negative affect social media leads people to. Therefore, the research question is worth investigating as it can help improve people’s communication skills.

Although social media helps people stay connected with friends and families wherever they are and makes it very convenient to interact with people, however, special media also has a negative effect on communication skills. According to Chasombat, (2014), “Scholars have proved that people who spend a significant amount of time on the Internet spend less time communicating to others in any way, which can contribute to loneliness and isolation”. This shows that people tend to communicate more comfortably online but their actual offline communication skills have fallen down in a way that they can communicate with people face to face which can lead to mental issues.

Another negative effect social media has spot on communication skills is the impoverishment of language. According to Bhamare, (2018) People tend to use social media platforms to communicate and often use the short version of words such as “k”, “tc” “U”, “y”, “ttyl” etc. so that they can send a message very quickly which unconditionally ruins the grammar. Bhamare, (2018), further said that people tend to use slang words in their messages and they forget that they are abandoning the beauty of language when they use these slang words.

To conclude, there are lots of positive effects brought by social media, but on the other side, there is also a negative effect on communication skills. I will be further researching the Research question through google scholar and some case study to strengthen my investigation. I believe my research will help people raise awareness of the negative effect brought by social media on communication skills.


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Chasombat, P. (2014, January 1). Social networking sites impacts on interpersonal communication skills and relationships. https://repository.nida.ac.th/handle/662723737/3112.

Lua, A. (2020, November 11). 21 Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand –. Buffer Library. https://buffer.com/library/social-media-sites/.

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