BCM300: BLOG 2 (RAT)

Group Members: Ali, Chaman, Katrina, Richard

Game: Race Against the Time (RAT)

Background/ Overview

Race Against the Time (RAT) is a card game played between 4-6 players. The game is basically about cards, rolling dice, and taking turns. The target audience for our game is people aged above 12 years old as there is a monster on the playing cards which might be violent for the children. Also, our game aims to fight against the good using the monsters’. In this game, the player represents evil and has to win from the good forces to let the evil rule forever and win the game. The name of the game “Race Against the Time” is all meant to be able to play the tricks and strategies at the correct time. It is about how well you manage your time by using the correct strategies. According to Indiana University (2021), games strategies allows people to learn team building skills and collaboration while playing together. Therefore, our game has both team building skills which leads to collaboration and it also make players make good strategies at the correct time.

Individual Contribution:

Our group decided to design a game which is called “Race Against the Time (RAT)”. We all discussed what our game should be and then decided to list out the things each person can contribute to the game design. Besides, giving the group ideas and suggestions to improve our game, I was also responsible to sketch out some monsters for our cards. 7 monster cards are required for our game like the Minion card, Shield/Barrier card, General card, Overlord card, Good vs. Evil card, Terrible omen card, and the Boon from the devil himself. Sketching out monsters was not an easy task as it requires a person to be creative to sketch out different types of monitors for our cards. Our group is working together to improve the game more and I will contribute to anything which can make our game a good and interesting game.

Narrative/ Game’s Mechanics

The game’s mechanics is all about rolling dice, some cards which have monsters sketched on them and has different power depending on what card it is. To start, a player rolls a dice and then moves forward or backward depending on what number he draws from the dice. In this way, each player will take turns until a player reaches to the end clear all the levels.

General Rules:

Here are some the rules on how to play Race Against the Time (RAT)

  • Each player chooses from a different evil race and to decide the sequence of the turns, the player must roll a dice. Players with higher rolls begin first; players with the same rolls must roll again to determine who begins first.
  • If a player rolls an even number while picking up a card, they get to move up the board by the number they rolled. Drawing an odd number, on the other hand, requires a player to go back that many numbers without drawing a card.
  • The army of a player is made up of minions, generals, and the overlord (you). The player  begin at level 1 and will aim to recruit minions and captains to grow his army. Each of them may be leveled up to level 3.
  • 60 steps are needed to be able to reach the amulet of doom and then he can choose to end the game as he will be the winner. However, If the ultimate overlord of evil fails to defeat the forces of good, the game is ended and all players are defeated.

The Cards

  1. Minion card: (50 cards in each deck) it attacks minions of other factions
  2. Shield/ Barrier card: (40 cards in each deck) it creates shield to protect from the army’s force
  3. General card: (30 cards in each deck) it attacks’ other factions
  4. Overlord card: (16 cards in each deck) it absorbs the dark energy and makes you stronger
  5. Good vs. Evil card: (8 cards in each deck) runs into the good force
  6. Terrible omen card: (4 cards in each deck) Disaster strikes the entire field.
  7. Boon from the devil himself: (1 card in each deck) You have the option of shielding your whole army (shields must be shattered individually), gaining one level for your whole army, or attacking all troops of another player by one level.

Our group is still working on the game to make it as better as it can and make it more interesting for the players to play the game.


Indiana University. (2021). Games for Learning. Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning. https://citl.indiana.edu/teaching-resources/teaching-strategies/games-learning/index.html.

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