Bcm303: A2 Reflection

Swish Club provides lots of different training programs for everyone including kids and women. It was a wonderful and learning experience for me to work with a real company and I got to learn lots of new things from it. Although Swish club has almost all social media platforms from where they can promote their club, it was not quite up to date and was not engaging for the public. Therefore, we helped the club to try to improve these errors.

When we started the zoom meeting with Mr. Antony to talk about what we can help him with. We couldn’t get any idea from Mr. Antony as he didn’t know what we can do and he told us that we can do anything we like. So we had to go through all his social media platforms and website to see if there is anything we can help with. We were lucky enough to find lots of improvements we can do with his social media platforms and website.

We all divided our works and share the work we’re good at. I was responsible for giving ideas, writing, and doing some editing. I created a press release which was about promoting Swish Club. However, after I finished the press release, I found out that the press release is for an announcement and not for promoting something. I also consulted with my tutor and at last, I had to remove the press release from our Electronic Press Kit (EPK). Therefore, I talked with my group and we decided to do a business card for Antony. But Antony told us he already has a business card. Then he told us he wants to promote his programs so I decided to do an advertisement poster that can be shared on all social media platforms.

For collaboration, I think my group has done a very good job as we all gave ourselves the duties and finished them all before the time we set. We also helped each other whenever someone had difficulties with something. For instance, we were not sure what to do at the beginning, so we all tried looking for something in his social media platforms and came up with the ideas that we found. For my collaboration with my group, I tried leading my group and giving them ideas throughout the progress of the Electronic Press Kit. I think I worked quite nicely with my group members as I was able to finish all the tasks on time and get helped from my group when I had difficulties.

Overall, I think I have learned a lot from this project. For example, I got to know how a real company works and this has provided me some experience that might be beneficial for me in the future. I have also learned how a team works in a company and how do we collaborate with team members and other professionals. Especially when we had to arrange meetings with Mr. Antony, as it was quite difficult to contact him and we didn’t know when to interview him. I learned that in these cases, I need to have patience and have to wait for the professional so that they reply as we can’t do anything else. I hope to utilize the experience I gain from this project when I work from a company in future.

Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

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