Part 1: University Life Stress

In my project pitch, I talked about the intentions and how will I be investigating my Digital Artifact. The topic I choose for my project is “How can students cope with their university life stress?” As we all know that stress has always partaken in a student’s University life. Before talking about the ways and measurements to tackle stress. I would like to emphasize what I meant by “a stressful University Life”.

Photo by Ferrum College

Firstly, University is a stressful experience for almost every student (NHS Choices). Although it is very entertaining and amusing, but it also pilots stress towards exams, assignments, or even getting along with schoolmates. However, in my project, I want to focus only on the stress students’ experience through assignments, examination and result pressure since it is more threatening than the stress caused by the interpersonal relationship. There is a study conducted by (Albouserie, 2006) that declares that examination, assignment, result, and career stress are the manifest substantial causes of the stress. This exhibits that these university life stress are more threatening than the stress caused by interpersonal relationships.

In order to know what my followers think about stress, I conducted a poll on my twitter to ask what kind of stress do they encounter the most. The results I got are quite match-able to what I was focusing on. All respondents said the reason behind their stress is due to the assignment, exam and results stress. This clearly shows that why I am focusing on academic stress rather than interpersonal relationship stress as my readers face academic stress.

Moreovera According to some experts, stress is a feeling that is produced naturally and it helps strengthen one’s ability in demanding and challenging circumstances. Therefore, it can be an acceptable thing as it can make a person strong when facing back-breaking muddles such as examination and career tension. Assignment stress is stress which gives a slow treatment to a person to face bigger challenges in his life in the future. Therefore, if we think positively, stress can be good for us.

In my next blog, I will talk about the ways we can handle stress through various ways such as time managements and exercise (sports). I will also be talking about my own experience on how I tackle with stress.


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Abouserie, Reda (2006), Sources and Levels of Stress in relation to Locus of Control and Self Esteem in University Students, Retrieved from

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