BCM302: Beta Presentation

How can students cope with their university life stress?

I intended to create a Digital Artifact which talks about “How can students cope with their University life stress?” I used blog posts and an online workshop as a methodology to create my project with University student who are facing stress to be my target audience. So far, I have done more than half of my project, I hope to finish the remaining part of the project.

In my beta video, I discussed about the concept, process, prototype, public engagement and the iterations that I have done so far. For my prototype, I have done 2 blogs which talks about the introduction of my topic, some terms being defined and talk about my own experience tackling the stress problem. I also conducted polls on twitter to see what my readers/ followers have to say about my topic. Lastly, I shared all my blogs with friends studying in University on WhatsApp and then posted it on Twitter for the online readers.

Throughout the 8 weeks, I have done lots of changes to my project to make it as better as it can. I’ve done some consultation with my tutor to see how I can improve my project. My tutor advised me to stay on one sport rather than talking about all sports. Therefore, I choose Cricket. I also changed the methodology from 3 series blog posts to 2 series blog post and an online workshop so that my project can be more interesting for the readers. Moreover, I also tried engaging with my readers more by conducting polls to see if my topic is relevant to the target audience.


Week 8: submit Beta

Week 9: do research for online workshop

Week 10: conduct an online workshop

Week 11: Submit final project

Project links

Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

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