Part 2: Using Sport (Cricket) to tackle stress


In my previous blog, I talked about the introduction of my topic and defined some words like what I meant by University life stress, I also talked about the purpose of only focusing on the academic stress rather than the stress obtained by the interpersonal relationship. Moving on, I will be talking about my experiment on how I use sport (Cricket) to cope with the stress I get from University life.

Stress is something that every student has faced in their University life stress. However, when the level of stress increased to an unbearable level, lots of students start taking fallacious decisions such as giving up on their studies. According to a study done by ( Eicher et al., 2014), found that students getting lots of stress from school leads them to start thinking about giving up on their studies and some students even stopped studying because of the stress. This clearly shows how dangerous stress can be as it can affect a student’s career in such a small time. The reason for students thinking about giving up studies is that they don’t know how to handle the stress. Some may succeed in fighting with stress but some may not. Today, I will be sharing my experience on how I fight with stress using sport.


To cope with stress, you have to do something which gives your mind relaxation. It can anything, whatever your passion is, such as doing sports, listening to music, hanging out with a friend, or even sleeping. This helps you relax for a while and gives you extra energy fighting stress and pressure. For me, I play cricket whenever I’m feeling low because of stress, or whenever there’s an assignment due or exam. For example, if there is an exam coming up, before studying for the exam I would go and play some cricket, it helps me feel relaxed and gives me the motivation to study. I’ve experiment studying for the exam with and without doing sports and got the result completely different. As whenever I didn’t play cricket before studying, I always get lots of thoughts in my brain on whether I will do good in the exam or not. But whenever I play cricket before studying, the mind is thoughts free.

One might say that there’s always no time to do sport when the exams are approaching. However, if something can help a person relax, tackle stress, and gives your more strength in preparing for an exam, then I will surely take out time for that. That’s what I have been doing throughout my University life. Research by (Singh, 2013) says that “students who participate in sports benefit in a myriad of ways, including getting higher grade point averages (GPA), increased school participation, better self-esteem, and social skills”. This shows that there is a relationship, a connection between stress and sports which helps students fight the stress.

To conclude, cricket helps me tackle academic stress and I recommend all students to try sports whenever they face stress from University. Sports also help us stay fit and it improves self-esteem and social skills as well. In my next blog, I will talk more about how students can tackle stress such as managing their time well.

You can also use my way on tackling with stress, playing cricket. The below video tells how to play cricket.


Eicher, V., Staerklé, C., & Clémence, A. (2014). I want to quit education: A longitudinal study of stress and optimism as predictors of school dropout intention.

Singh, R. (2013). Sports And Academic Achievement .

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