BCM302: Peer Review 2

Peer Review 1: Jeffrey

Jeffrey’s intend is to help the university students improve their Tennis skills for them to stay healthy in the Covid-19 situation. He believes that it is very important to stay healthy to stay away from Covid-19 and sports is one of the best examples, his strength is tennis. That’s why he choose tennis. He has gone through some iterations from his pitch to beta presentation. For instance, he found out that his videos were quite long which might get it boring for the audience, he also that the style he is using in the videos is not professional and lacks creativity. Lastly, the most thing he wanted to improve was his persona, why would people click his videos? Therefore, to fix all these problems. Jeffrey adjusted the video durations and improving the styling for his video. He used captions instead of himself talking, and put on some BGM. I appreciate the effort done by Jeffrey to improve his project. However, there are some suggestions and recommendations for Jeffrey to further improve his project.

Firstly, as Jeffrey said he has created a logo for his YouTube channel, I think he should utilize the logo and share it as much as possible. Because that logo will make people watch his videos. For instance, he should share the logo and then put the logo in all of his videos. That will make the users remember his channel and videos, and will help them find his video easily on YouTube.

Secondly, I think Jeffrey should use a social media account to promote his YouTube channel, as he using Twitter already to promote his content. I think he should set up some polls and asking his target audience what do they want to learn in the next videos. He should communicate with the audience and see what do they want to learn. This will also help Jeffrey with the target audience.

Lastly, Jeffrey should try to arrange a physical tennis class and see what are the results of his videos. This will help him examine whether his Target audience is learning or not. Or whether he needs to change his approach.

Here’s a link which can help Jeffrey improve his YouTube channel so that people can click his videos:

Peer Review 2: Arsllan

Arsllan’s project aim is to give support to the people who don’t receive medicine and his target audience is teenagers and adults. He intends to create an app that will monitor and distribute medication efficiently. He believes that his project will help doctors, patients, and other stakeholders to link up together much faster and easier. Although his project is quite interesting and unique. He didn’t provide any prototype or his progress in the beta presentation which makes it quite confusing what he wants to aim for.

I suggest Arsllan show his prototype, even just the basics of what he has done with his project. This will help him get feedbacks from the tutor, classmates, or his target audience on what he can improve. However, with no prototype, it is quite difficult to give feedback on what he can improve.

I recommend Arsllan to reconsider his target audience as teenagers and adults is quite broad group. The think of both groups is different. One group might feel you’re project is quite helpful and the other might not. So he should think about changing his audience to just teenagers or adults and mention the exact age.

Lastly, I suggest Arsllan to link up one of his social media with his project so that he can interact with the audience. Because without that, how is he going to share his app? why would people want to use his audience? He needs to pursue people to use his app but for that, he needs to find a way. How will he know the feedback loop? Therefore, I think a social media account (Instagram, Facebook, etc) will help him.

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