BCM302: Contextual Essay

Digital Artifact Blog Posts / Instagram Page Concept My topic for my digital artifact is “How can students cope with their University life stress?” I intended to produce content relating to how students can tackle their University Stress which includes the assignment stress, exam stress, result’s stress and career stress. As a student, I haveContinue reading “BCM302: Contextual Essay”

BCM302: Beta Presentation

How can students cope with their university life stress? I intended to create a Digital Artifact which talks about “How can students cope with their University life stress?” I used blog posts and an online workshop as a methodology to create my project with University student who are facing stress to be my target audience.Continue reading “BCM302: Beta Presentation”

Part 2: Using Sport (Cricket) to tackle stress

In my previous blog, I talked about the introduction of my topic and defined some words like what I meant by University life stress, I also talked about the purpose of only focusing on the academic stress rather than the stress obtained by the interpersonal relationship. Moving on, I will be talking about my experimentContinue reading “Part 2: Using Sport (Cricket) to tackle stress”

Blog Post 3: Play Cricket at Home

Introduction: As a big fan of Cricket, I always enjoy doing something regarding Cricket whether its playing physically, playing cricket games on phone or even talking about cricket. Cricket is a very interesting sport. Although cricket is the second most played sport in the world after soccer, but lots of people are still unaware aboutContinue reading “Blog Post 3: Play Cricket at Home”

Part 1: University Life Stress

In my project pitch, I talked about the intentions and how will I be investigating my Digital Artifact. The topic I choose for my project is “How can students cope with their university life stress?” As we all know that stress has always partaken in a student’s University life. Before talking about the ways andContinue reading “Part 1: University Life Stress”

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