Week11: The internet of things (IoT): from networked objects to anticipatory spaces

In our final lecture of BCM206, I learned about the IoT (Internet of Things). If we take out a few minutes of our lives and think about what’s happening around. We will see that the internet has been glued to us just like how our life is glued to our bodies. People in today’s worldContinue reading “Week11: The internet of things (IoT): from networked objects to anticipatory spaces”

Week 10: Dark fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar

In my last blog, I talked about the nice and positive part of hacking. How some organizations are out there trying to bring a change in everyone’s life by exposing the corrupted people and scandals all over the world. But as we know, when there are good people, there will be some bad people asContinue reading “Week 10: Dark fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar”

Week 9: Anonymous resistance: hackers, Lulz and whistle-blowers

When you hear the word “hacker”, what comes to your mind? A bad person? Negative thoughts? Or do you start feeling nervous? Well, a hacker is not always the bad guy, some hackers will hack your social media accounts but some hackers are doing a favor for the world by exposing the corrupted government andContinue reading “Week 9: Anonymous resistance: hackers, Lulz and whistle-blowers”

Week 8: Networked insurgencies: Social media revolutions and meme warfare

In week 8, I learned how social media and meme warfare is being used in the world to pass around some knowledge about a topic to a billion people in real-time coordination. Meme warfare is a very interesting topic as before learning about meme welfare, I never thought that memes have a hidden motive orContinue reading “Week 8: Networked insurgencies: Social media revolutions and meme warfare”

Week 6: Digital Feudalism

This week, I learned about feudalism and the walled garden. I learned how everything on the internet is being controlled by big media giants like Facebook and Instagram. Feudalism: Feudalism is vague and widely contested term from the European medieval societies of the 10th to 13th centuries (Cartwright, 2018). It is a connection between theContinue reading “Week 6: Digital Feudalism”

Week 5: The Attention Economy

This week, I learned about “The attention economy”. It is a relationship between the online users and the market, where the market will forcefully seek online user’s attention to their product. Attention: According to (Kane, 2019), “a selective focus on some of the stimuli that we are currently perceiving while ignoring other stimuli from theContinue reading “Week 5: The Attention Economy”

Project Beta & Reflection

The name of our DA is Simply English. We teach secondary school students English. We choose to teach English because we believe that English is an international language and everyone should learn about it. All of our group member’s strength was also English so we went with our strength. So now, I will talk aboutContinue reading “Project Beta & Reflection”


Discuss any similarities you see between visions/dreams about the telegraph and the Internet (or social media like Twitter and Facebook) we have now. In todays world, if we ask anyone what the internet is, most of the people will know about it. But what about the telegraph? Do todays people know what telegraph is? DoContinue reading “UTOPIAN DISCOURSE SURROUNDING THE TELEGRAPH”

BCM 222: Newspaper Industry

What was news like before 19th century? What’s the content mainly about? How ‘old’ was the news usually? In a generation of advanced technology, with everything being so convenient and fast, we can never imagine how life can be without the internet. Imagine spreading a news which takes so long to reach the audience. The longerContinue reading “BCM 222: Newspaper Industry”

Pitch Presentation

In this blog, I will be explaining my pitch in more detailed way. Firstly, in the video, I have mentioned my media niche, the background, some roles social media is playing on cricket finally discussed my 2 approaches that will help me to investigate my research question. Approaches: Both the approaches “Auto-ethnography” and “Observation” willContinue reading “Pitch Presentation”

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