BCM325: Live Tweeting (Week 7-12)

Part 2 of live-tweeting of movie screenings has been more better and relaxed when compared to part 1 of live-tweeting. I managed to understand more after receiving the comments from the tutor about the part 1 live-tweeting and made the corrections and improvements accordingly. I remember that I used to do very little preparation beforeContinue reading “BCM325: Live Tweeting (Week 7-12)”

BCM325: Beta Comments and Self-Reflection

As we are coming to the end of the semester, I have learned a lot about the future thinking through the movie screenings, lectures, and through my classmate’s digital artifacts. It has also helped me with my Digital Artifact as well as to comment on my classmate’s digital artifact beta presentation. I have commented onContinue reading “BCM325: Beta Comments and Self-Reflection”

BCM 313: Narrative Interview Reflection

When I was told that I need to conduct an interview of a person who works professionally in a way that is relevant to my future, I thought it will be a very difficult task. Because in my life, I have always gone to give an interview rather than conduct an interview that off someoneContinue reading “BCM 313: Narrative Interview Reflection”

BCM215: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

A. My 3 Comments of my classmates Beta Presentation Beta Presentation: Comment 1 (Chaman) https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/beta-presenation-puzzle-video-games/ Chaman’s Digital Artifact Beta Presentation is about the game candy crush. It’s obvious why I choose her beta to comment is because Candy Crush is very popular and I have played that a lot in my life. I contributed toContinue reading “BCM215: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments”

BCM325: Digital Artifact Beta Presentation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education I have completed more than half of my Digital artifact research and hope to finish the rest in the next few weeks. So far in my Digital Artifact, I have done some research about Artificial Intelligence in education through the articles in Google scholar and also used the lecture notesContinue reading “BCM325: Digital Artifact Beta Presentation”

BCM215: Digital Artifact Beta Presentation

In my Beta Presentation video, I was able to mention all the prototypes, the process of my research, the public engagements, and the changes I have gone through since my digital artifact pitch. So far I have done 2 of my 3 blogs for my research on the game counterstrike As I have mentioned thatContinue reading “BCM215: Digital Artifact Beta Presentation”

BCM 215 Part 2: The Game Counter Strike!!

In the previous blog, I talked about the introduction of the game, when and who released the game, and how the game was updated to Counterstrike: Global Offensive in 2012. I also talked about the popularity of the game both on social media and the game itself. A cause was provided of why the gameContinue reading “BCM 215 Part 2: The Game Counter Strike!!”

BCM 215 Part 1: Introduction to Counter-strike

In my digital artifact, I intend to investigate the game “Counter-Strike” on how it affects people in different ways (e.g. mental health) and investigate whether the game is addictive or not. To move on, if we say a game is not addictive, is it even a good game? A popular game? Well, a game hasContinue reading “BCM 215 Part 1: Introduction to Counter-strike”

Part 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education (BCM325)

In Part 1, I talked about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how it can affect both the students and teachers when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is introduced in education in the next 10 years time. In this blog, I will talk more about the changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education will bring and how itContinue reading “Part 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education (BCM325)”

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