Part 1: Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education (BCM325)

Introduction In my Digital Artefact, I intend to investigate the changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring in Education in the 10 years. As we all know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been involved in a lot of different aspects of our daily life such as the manufacturing of robots, smart assistants, or even in gaming likeContinue reading “Part 1: Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education (BCM325)”

BCM215: Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection

. A. My 3 comments on my classmate’s Pitches Digital Artefact Pitch: comment 1 (Isabelle) Isabelle’s Digital Artefact is about the game “Mario Kart”. She is looking forward to investigate the gameplay, para-texts and the overall features of the game. Mario Kart is a very popular game and lots of people have at leastContinue reading “BCM215: Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection”

Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection

I have commented on 3 pitches of my peer’s Digital Artefact. My main focus when I look at their pitch was how they presented their idea and what are the methods they choose to research their idea. Then I gave them some recommendations and provided some links that might help with future research of theirContinue reading “Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection”

BCM215: Digital Artefact Pitch (Counter Strike)

I have chosen to research the game “Counter-Strike” for my digital artifact pitch. I intend to investigate how the game affects people in different ways (mental health) whether it is positive or negative. Whether the game is addictive or not. Counter-Strike is a multiplayer video game that has gained a lot of popularity. It wasContinue reading “BCM215: Digital Artefact Pitch (Counter Strike)”

BCM313: Narrative Reflection: Disruption faced in the Pandemic

“Although life is rich in lived experience, we give meaning to very little of this experience” Michael White, 2007 Everything was going smoothly in our lives. I, as a student, was following my routine and having classes on the college campus until a sudden virus came into our lives and disrupt all our routines andContinue reading “BCM313: Narrative Reflection: Disruption faced in the Pandemic”

BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education My Digital Artifact idea is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education. I intend to examine the changes Artificial Intelligence will bring to education and the influence of Artificial intelligence in the next 5 to 20 years from now. I will look at how it will affect the Human/ Society reactions.Continue reading “BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch”

BCM 212: Opinion Piece: Sport helps to tackle University stress

Lots of University students come across with lots of stress in their university life whether it’s their assignment’s stress, examination’s stress, or result’s stress. Some students even thought to give up on their studies to an extent when they can’t handle the stress and it’s not worth doing so. Therefore, I was curious to findContinue reading “BCM 212: Opinion Piece: Sport helps to tackle University stress”

A3: Digital Artifact: Simply English

Short Project Summary Our digital artifact is about “Simply English’. In the past 11 weeks, we have been focusing on our DA, where we teach secondary school students (Form 1 to form 3) English. Our DA consists of a Wix website and an Instagram page. We post all our lessons and interesting videos’ of theContinue reading “A3: Digital Artifact: Simply English”

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