BLOG 4: Academic Research And Ethical Issues

In my last 3 blogs, I described about my media niche, mapped out the field site and planned out my research question. In this blog, I will highlight the background academic research which will insist me to understand the theoretical framework in analyzing my research data and field notes. I will also write down theContinue reading “BLOG 4: Academic Research And Ethical Issues”


SIMPLY ENGLISH My group thought to make a digital artifact about English related as we all went through our strength, and found out that we all are good at English So we thought why not teach people English? So we created a page on Instagram and named it as ‘SimplyEnglish”. Our target audience are theContinue reading “BCM 206: DIGITAL ARTIFACT PITCH”

Blog 2: From Telegraph to Cyberspace

In the first blog, I talked about how was the communication before the 19th Century and how was the telegraph invented. Today, in this blog, I’ll be talking about the journey from telegraph to cyberspace. I talked about how telegraph made it easier for people to send messages in minutes instead of using a shipContinue reading “Blog 2: From Telegraph to Cyberspace”

BCM 24Blog 3: Planning my Research

In my second blog, I narrowed down my research question to “How does social media play a role in cricket?” and listed out all the elements which may help me investigate my research question. In this blog, I will be re-polishing and modifying my research question by adding the generational changes to it. For instance,Continue reading “BCM 24Blog 3: Planning my Research”

The field site for researching my media niche?

As I have mentioned and introduced my Media Niche in the blog 1, Now in this blog, i will talk about the field site of my media niche. I have narrowed down my research question to “How does social media play a role in Cricket?”. To find out how cricket uses social media to promoteContinue reading “The field site for researching my media niche?”

BCM241: Blog 1: Media Niche~ CRICKET

Week 1 Since my childhood, I love cricket. I could spend a whole day doing cricket stuff. No matter its about playing, watching, talking or reading about cricket. There are days when I’m having a tough day from my college life with my assignments, what I normally do to make myself rest and relax forContinue reading “BCM241: Blog 1: Media Niche~ CRICKET”

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