BCM312: Idea Blog

How social media Effects communication? | The Education Magazine

Above all the things I have learned in BCM312 Emerging Issues in Media and Communication, whether it’s the animal right or the sight of suffering, the topic I liked the most is the communication avoidance. Since social media has transpired a special spot in our lives, it has become arduous for an individual to not use social media. Rain Wilson tweeted on Twitter saying “I’m not on Facebook” is the new “I don’t even own a TV”. This exhibit how social media has been glued to our daily lives. Consequently, it has effected people in different ways such as the communication skills of people.

Background Research

Research Question: What are the Effects of Social Media on Communication Skills?

Social Media has always interested me as to how it has been changing everything gradually including the way we live and our everyday communication. It has created opportunities for people to interrelate with each other in a very convenient and easy way that the 2 person don’t even have to stay face to face in order to interact with each other. According to Lua, (2020), there are some very frequently used platforms where people can communicate with each other such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the very latest Snapchat. These platforms have created an opportunity to interact with others on a different level where they don’t have to take out time to talk with someone. They can just send or reply to any message whenever they want. However, when there is a positive factor of something, there is also some negative side of it. Therefore, I have chosen “ What are the effects of social media on communication skills” to find out how it has effect/ change communication both positively and negatively. This question is worth investigating as it can show people how much they been affected by social media in both good and bad ways. The findings of this topic will raise awareness of the negative affect social media leads people to. Therefore, the research question is worth investigating as it can help improve people’s communication skills.

Although social media helps people stay connected with friends and families wherever they are and makes it very convenient to interact with people, however, special media also has a negative effect on communication skills. According to Chasombat, (2014), “Scholars have proved that people who spend a significant amount of time on the Internet spend less time communicating to others in any way, which can contribute to loneliness and isolation”. This shows that people tend to communicate more comfortably online but their actual offline communication skills have fallen down in a way that they can communicate with people face to face which can lead to mental issues.

Another negative effect social media has spot on communication skills is the impoverishment of language. According to Bhamare, (2018) People tend to use social media platforms to communicate and often use the short version of words such as “k”, “tc” “U”, “y”, “ttyl” etc. so that they can send a message very quickly which unconditionally ruins the grammar. Bhamare, (2018), further said that people tend to use slang words in their messages and they forget that they are abandoning the beauty of language when they use these slang words.

To conclude, there are lots of positive effects brought by social media, but on the other side, there is also a negative effect on communication skills. I will be further researching the Research question through google scholar and some case study to strengthen my investigation. I believe my research will help people raise awareness of the negative effect brought by social media on communication skills.


Bhamare, C. R. (2018, February 8). Effects of Social Media on Communication Skills. The Knowledge Review. https://theknowledgereview.com/effects-social-media-communication-skills/#:~:text=The%20social%20media%20has%20positive,negative%20impacts%20on%20communication%20skills.&text=It%20is%20affecting%20our%20relationships,is%20the%20impoverishment%20of%20language.

Chasombat, P. (2014, January 1). Social networking sites impacts on interpersonal communication skills and relationships. https://repository.nida.ac.th/handle/662723737/3112.

Lua, A. (2020, November 11). 21 Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand –. Buffer Library. https://buffer.com/library/social-media-sites/.

BCM302: Project Pitch

How can students cope with their university life stress?

The topic for my digital artifact is “how can students cope with their university life stress?”. I intend to produce content on the ways of tackling university stress, whether it’s assignment, exam, result, or career stress. I will be posting some tips and ways of coping the stress such as through sports and managing the time wisely.

According to a research conducted by Regehr et al., (2012), “there is very limited support provided by the university health services”. This shows that the universities are not doing enough on supporting and helping students tackle the stress problem. Therefore, My digital artifact will be a useful platform for students to learn to manage and cope the stress.

I will be posting my content on the blog post and then share it on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Twitter and Instagram are used by lots of teenagers which will help me attract more users quickly.


Week 3: Submit project pitch

Week 4-5: Peer review and amendments

Week 5-7: Produce content

Week 8: Submit Beta presentation

Week 9-10: Finalize my DA

Week 11: Submit my final DA


•Regehr, C., Glancy, D., & Pitts, A. (2012, December 13). Interventions to reduce stress in university students: A review and meta-analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders. Retrieved from  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0165032712007793.

BCM300: Blog 1 (Settlers of Catan)


Catan Universe which was previously known as the Settlers of Catan or Settlers is a board game designed by Klaus Teuber as a multiplayer game in 1995. The game was published by different publishers depending on the language, CATAN Studio Inc, the USA published the English version game. Settlers of Catan is available in more than 40 languages and there are approximately 20 million people spending time on the game regularly (The official website for the world of CATAN). Settlers of Catan is a fun board game designed especially for the family to play together as it demands clever and strategic moves which help people to reshape the way they think about strategies in real life. However, according to (Settlers of Catan Board Game), the main audience of the board game is the people above age 10. The best part of this game is that the game can be played in both the online and offline world. 

Catan GmbH 2021. (n.d.). The official website for the world of CATAN. CATAN GmbH | Catan.com. https://www.catan.com/about-us/catan-gmbh.


Settlers of Catan require 3-4 people to play the game and it requires 10 victory points for a player to win the game. So how do get the victory points? The player needs to build the settlements and cities where each settlement is worth one victory point while each city is worth two victory points. Another way to gain victory point is through the development cards which have 5 victory point cards. Finally, the last way to gain the victory point is to have the longest road or the largest army to gain 2 victory points.

To move on, to build the settlements, cities, roads, or developing cards, you will be required to collect and gather required resources when the dice is rolled. There are a total of 5 different resources as “wood”, “ore”, “brick”, “wheat” and “sheep”. Moreover, you can also trade these resources with your other players or with the supply (bank). It’s very simple in trading as you trade by giving and taking their resources which you want.

My Experience

When I first started playing Settlers of Catan online, it was quite confusing and difficult as I was unaware of how to play the board game. I played the game without looking at the tutorials which made it difficult for me. However, when I check out the tutorial before playing my second game, I enjoyed the game as I knew what I have to do. One thing the game touched my attention is how well the game is designed. The outlook of the game has very bright colors which attracted me to the game and made me very astonished.

Settlers of Catan also enforced me to focus on the game and make good strategies at the right time to win the victory games. For example, when I was playing the game, one player used a strategy to trade some resources with e and I didn’t pay attention, which as a result I lost the important resources which I was about to make settlements and cities with. This inaccuracy helped me using the same strategies to win the victory points. While I was playing the game, I was always thinking of winning the game and having the best resources for it. This helps players to focus on winning and not to give up.

To conclude, I find settlers of Catan a very good game to play as it helps people make correct strategies which can also help them in their actual life. The game also makes the players set up goals and never give up. In addition, these games help players I’m their real life’s also. Finally, The game is also well designed with good colors used and graphics.

Shots taken when I played Settlers of Catan


Catan GmbH 2021. (n.d.). The official website for the world of CATAN. CATAN GmbH | Catan.com. https://www.catan.com/about-us/catan-gmbh.

2021 Target Brands, Inc. (n.d.). Settlers of Catan Board Game. Target. https://www.target.com/p/settlers-of-catan-board-game/-/A-10979101.

BCM214 Contextual Blog



Isn’t it amazing how we can see anything we want? We can go anywhere we want without being dependent on anything. But what about the people who cant see- visually impaired. or some elderlies who got very weak eyesight because of old age. Our group innovated a product called “iShades” which can help the visually impaired or the people who can’t see properly to detect the things surrounded so that they don’t have to depend on the whites canes or guide dogs. We believe that white canes and guide dogs aren’t suitable to be depended on in all situations due to various reasons. However, iShades is a product that is very convenient to use and will help the needy to know what’s in the surrounding.

Background Research

Due to the rise of advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), our group was able to do adequate research about the innovation of a product and how we can help make society better with our product. We research through google scholar and read many articles about Artificial Intelligence and technologies related to the visually impaired. We also found 2 industry reports by official departments about the visually impaired and elderly which muscle us to create a product to help because of the increasing of visually impaired and the dependency ratio of elderly. Besides google scholar and the industry report, we also use the full advantage of our lecture notes and their concepts/ terms to assist us in innovating our product.

Aims & Achievements

We aimed to improve the quality of life of the people who are unable to see properly by making a product where at least they can know what’s happening near them. We all believe that eyesight is very important as it helps us look at things, find our route, and live independently. According to Austin (2016), “there are some obstacles and limitations when people use a white cane or are led by the guide dogs”. Most visually impaired people use white canes and guide dogs when they go out, however it is not the best strategy as it can create obstacles for them. Therefore, we wanted to create something which can help the visually impaired to be dependent and make it convenient for them.

  • Digital Disruption

“Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies affect the value proposition of existing goods and services” (Tucci, 2019). It means that it is a change when innovation is invented and is much better than the existing one which brings a change in the society. We learned about Digital Disruption week 3 which inspired us to make a product that has been realized already and make it better so that it can help the people. Therefore, we decided to invent glasses that can help the visually impaired and the elderly to know what’s happing near them. There was already a product similar to the design of our products which is “Bone Conduction Headphones/ Sunglasses Wireless Safety Bluetooth Glasses Pro”. However, it had very few functions compared to us. Our product has more functions like a camera which detects the surrounding, a microphone and a bone conduction system which helps to input and output the sound and, a Bluetooth function where a person can connect the product which their smartphones and household, etc. We believe that digital disruption as our product is innovated to be a better version of existing technology and can bring fortune to society. 


We believe that our product will help the people who can’t see live a better life by knowing what’s happening near them and hope that the medical staff can help us distribute our product to the needy. I learned a lot through this project as I learned how much research is done when someone wants to invent a product, it also helped me know more about artificial intelligence and its technologies. Finally, I learned how to make promoting videos.



Austin, K., 2016. White Cane vs. Guide Dog: Why or Why Not?. Available at: https://www.second-sense.org/2016/09/white-cane-vs-guide-dog-why-or-why-not/

Eugenie . S (2021) , Week 3 | 14 Jan | Digital disruption, the Cultural Logic of Media Convergence and the Spotify Effect Retrieved from https://moodle.uowplatform.edu.au/pluginfile.php/2628297/mod_resource/content/7/BCM214_L3_DigitalDisruption-MediaConvergence-SpotifyEffect.pdf 

Tucci, L. (2019). What is digital disruption? Definition from whatis.com. Retrieved March 29, 2021, from https://searchcio.techtarget.com/definition/digitaldisruption#:~:text=Digital%20disruption%20is%20the%20change,of%20existing%20goods%20and%20services.>

BCM215: Contextual Blog (DA)


The game I choose for my Digital Artifact was “Counter-strike; GO”. I intended to investigate the game on how it affects people in different ways and to find out whether the game is addictive or not. This game inspired me because when I was in high school, I used to play Counter-strike a lot where I got addicted to the game. Also, as well all know, due to the pandemic, lots people have to stay at home because of home- school and home office, people may play counter-strike at home. Therefore, I wanted to know whether the game is addictive or not so that when a new player wants to play the game, he can be aware of it. I also briefly talked about the game media analysis, text, and the paratext of the game.


As we all know that all good games are very addictive. If a game is not good, it won’t be addictive. Therefore, you need to be aware of addictive games and make sure you have solutions when you start getting addicted to the game. For my utility, my Digital Artifact will help new players to know the positive and negative effects s of the game and know what impact does it brings on society so that they can be aware of the negative effects and obtain knowledge before trying out the game for the first time. And finally, so that the new players know whether the game is addictive or not. The target audience for my Digital Artifact is the general public, the current and new gamers, and the researchers.


I have used the Observation and Auto-ethnography methodology to complete my Digital Artifact. For my observation, I have read newspaper articles and academic papers from Google Scholar for my research about my topic. I also used Auto-ethnography which is my own experience about the game and the pandemic. Moreover, I used Blog posts as my Digital Artifact Format and posted 3 parts of a blog as my DA.

Background Research

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), lots of people started staying at home and started playing games. According to Statista, “Counter strike reached more than 1 million current players in November 2020”. That is why I believe the reason for the popularity is the pandemic.

The first blog talks about the background of the game and its history. I also talked about the popularity of the game on social media and what are the reasons for the game being so popular and how it can be addictive.

The second blog talks about my own experience playing the game and a player’s behavior and comments towards the game. I also talked about the marketing strategy used by the game producers when their game was losing popularity.

My last and blog 3 mainly talk about the impact the game has on society. It talks about the good and the bad impacts which may bring on society.


Throughout the Digital Artifact, I have made several adjustments in response to supportive feedback from my tutors and classmates. For instance, in my DA Pitch, I made several errors, such as not being able to use lecture notes to help my proposals, but after reading my tutor’s feedback, I was able to use lecture notes in my blog posts. I have undertaken detailed analysis using data from Google Scholar and lecture notes. To enhance public engagement, I posted all of my blog posts on my Twitter account and WhatsApp groups. I believe that my digital artifact went very smoothly as I was able to research what I wanted to research about.

Limitations & Success

I believe that I have some limitations when I was doing my Digital Artifact. The most difficult task during my Digital Artifact was when I was finding the academic research papers. I couldn’t find the academic papers from google scholars I wanted as I was only able to find a handful of papers which I think we’re not enough. However, at the end of the day, I have completed my Digital Artifact.


Statista. (2021, January 29). CS:GO peak concurrent player number on Steam 2016-2020https://www.statista.com/statistics/808630/csgo-number-players-steam/#:%7E:text=Counter%20Strike%20still%20going%20strong,the%20figure%20from%20May%202016

BCM215 Part 3: Impact On Society

In my first 2 blogs, I talked about the introduction of the game and its history from CS to CS; GO. I also talked about the popularity of the game on social media, its popularity reasons, and the effects of game. Moreover, I talked about my own experience playing the game and the fan’s behavior and comments towards the game. Lastly, I talked about the marketing strategy shown by the game producers when the game was losing popularity. To continue my research, I will talk about the impact on society of the game counter strike in this blog.

If we talk about the impact a society can have regarding something, there are always good and back impacts we can think of. The same goes for the game counterstrike and how it has impacted society. I will talk about both the good and bad impacts the game has on society.


  • Enjoyment and Satisfaction
  • Team work
  • Allow players communicate
  • Thinking & Strategy game with good graphics

First of all, I will start by listing out the good impacts the game has made on society. The first thing about the game is enjoyment and satisfaction. A good game should always be enjoyable and satisfactory. Counter-strike allows people to form a team by themselves and it also allows the gamers to talk with their teammates during the game. This function of the game makes the game very interesting and friends can have a good time playing the game even if they’re from each other. The impacts it brings to society is the friendship bond and it helps to make friends stay together

Another good thing about the game is that it helps you make your brain strong- it’s a game of mind. According to (Taljonick, 2012), “Counter-Strike is brilliant in its Terrorist vs. Counter-Terrorist execution, as each objective-based match comes down to teamwork, strategy, and pure skill”. He also mentioned that counter-strike is a game of teamwork and strategies. If a team has the best strategy, the team will win. Therefore, it shows that the game highly makes gamers use their brain a lot to make out strategies with their teammates. Therefore, counter-strike helps to make people improve their thinking skills.


  • Lots of addiction
  • Violence
  • Suitable for mature kids
  • Harm Brain

When there are good impacts brought to society by a game, there are also bad impacts that can be brought to society. Firstly, counterstrike is addictive. I have mentioned my own experience in blog 2 how I was so addicted to the game that it was very difficult for me to stop playing the game. The game also affected me in many ways like academically. Moreover, according to a user, he commented on the (Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media) that the game is very addictive (the picture below). Lots of users say that game is very addictive when you start playing it in the game review. Therefore, I think the addictiveness of the game brings a bad impact on society. 

Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media

Furthermore, lots of users suggest that game is very violent as players have to kill their enemies in the game which causes lots of blood to fall in the game. The game also involves lots of bad words during the gameplay. According to a parent on common sense media, he says that “CSGO is a game that is fine violence wise for most kids, with the main problem being sworn words coming from the toxic community. So don’t let children play it, because it has violence.” This shows that the game has lots of violence as I have also experienced this violence when I play the game. Therefore, violence is a bad impact which brings to society especially on kids.

Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media

To conclude, I think game promotes lots of violence and addictiveness to the game, the game can cause damage to the brain as it is very addictive. therefore, It can be seen that there is a more bad impact on society than a good impact. Counter-strike brings more bad impact on society and it is also a very addictive game. All new users should be aware of it and find out solutions before trying out the game.


Taljonick, R. (2012, November 07). Why counter-strike is one of the greatest games ever made. Retrieved March 26, 2021, from https://www.gamesradar.com/why-counter-strike-one-greatest-games-ever-made/

Chapman, D. (2019, June 19). Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/counter-strike-global-offensive/user-reviews/child

BCM325: Contextual Essay (DA)


My topic for my Digital Artifact is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education in the next 10 years. I intended to examine the changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to education and the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education in the next 10 years which is a medium-term constraint. I also researched how Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education will affect human/ society reactions and what are the possible Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies we might see in Education. I got inspired by this topic is due to the pandemic, as to how everything included the classes shifted to online. I thought how will it look like if AI is introduced in Education.


It is believed that Artificial Intelligence has always been good and it has helped to make people’s lives more convenient and easier. Therefore, I think Artificial Intelligence will also help to increase the level of Education and will be beneficial for both teachers and students in many ways. For example, Virtual Tutors can assist students with tracking their progress/ performance and will help to give them instance feedbacks. Teachers, on the other hand, would benefit from Artificial Intelligence grading their students. Not only does it save teachers time, but it also assists teachers in capturing students’ emotions, such as when a student is struggling or bored in class. Teachers can also have extra time to prepare for the class. Therefore, it is an advantage for both students and teachers.


I decided to use the Observation and Auto-ethnography method to complete my Digital Artifact. For my observation, I read newspaper articles and academic papers from Google Scholar which were related to my topic about AI in Education. I also used the Auto-ethnography method like used my own experience about the pandemic to help me research my topic. Moreover, I used Blog posts as my Digital Artifact Format and posted 3 parts of a blog as my DA.

Background Research

The first log mainly talks about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, and how it is for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be introduced in Education. Lastly, I mentioned the changes AI will bring to Education in the next 10 years.

The second blog is about the positives and negatives which can be brought by Artificial Intelligence in education and how it affects human/ society reactions. I used some examples to support my research and also used the lecture notes to help talk about the futurists.

My last blog talks about the future possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technologies and mentioned the futurist who helped to draw the ideas of the technologies. I mentioned some ideas and technologies which I thought we might see in educational sectors in the next 10 years and also refer my ideas to the futurists I learned about in the lecture notes.


Throughout the Digital Artifact, I have made lots of changes depending on the helpful comments by my tutors and my classmates. For example, I made some mistakes in my DA Pitch like I couldn’t use lecture notes to support my ideas but after reading my tutor’s comments, I was able to use lecture notes in my blog posts. I also did in-depth research with evidence from google scholar and lecture notes. All my blog posts were shared on my Twitter account and WhatsApp groups so that I can gain public engagement.


During the research, I encountered some difficulties while researching about the possible Artificial Intelligence technologies in the next 10 years. For instance, there were lots of technologies and I had to choose those which I thought we might see in Education in the next 10 years. Moreover, I also couldn’t manage my time well while completing my Digital Artificial due to traveling from Pakistan to Hong Kong. However, in the end, I am able to finish my Digital Artifact.

Part 3: Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education (BCM325)

AI and ML Technologies: What They Mean For Federal Agencies
Photo by Prashant Gangwal

In my first 2 blogs, I talked about what is Artificial Intelligence and how it affects different stakeholders when Artificial Intelligence is introduced in Education in the next 5 years. I also talked about the changes Artificial Intelligence will bring and how it may affect human/ society reaction both positively and negatively. In this blog, I will talk about the future possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technologies and the futurist who helps to draw the ideas of the technologies.

Future Possible Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies

Adoption of voice assistants

Voice assistant for home commands? | News
Photo by Bticino International)

The most and sooner technology we might see authorities using in classrooms is the adaption of voice assistants. According to (Schmelzer, 2019), “Voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana are giving students a chance to interact with educational material without the interaction of the teacher”. Schmelzer believes that students are using the technologies like Siri, Google Home for a non-educational environment, but the authorities can also adapt these technologies in schools to have a conversational interaction with educational materials and assistance. This technology has been invented for quite a long now, but soon we will see it n the educational sectors. According to Alvin Toffler, mentioned in lecture 6 says, “do not ignore the present, which is to effect change now, not just at some later point”. He believes that everything should be done and not at a later time as he believes that it is about “actively affecting action in the present that will have long term benefits and outcomes”. Therefore, The pandemic (Covid-19) has given the authorities to try out these methods at present to enhance the level of education. For example, Universities and colleges are giving students voice assistants instead of the traditionally printed student handbooks or hard-to-navigate websites for help with a number of campus-related informational needs (Schmelzer, 2019).

Data-Driven AI

The second technology we might see in education is Data-Driven AI. According to Tuomi (2020), “Data-driven AI can solve some difficult practical problems,”. Data-driven AI will be able to solve all the problems the students might face during their studies. Students will no longer always need to depend on tutors and can use the Data-Driven AI approach to solve all the difficulties and problems by themselves. It will also help teachers to track their student’s progress and see what are the limitations and gaps which can be improved. The futurist “Roger Bacon” mentioned in lecture 6, who emphasized the study of nature through empiricism and the recording of data through human senses and technologies. I believe that Roger Bacon helps to draw in the idea of an advanced Data-Driven AI.

Non-Data-Driven Approach to Machine Learning: Practical AI | by Riza C.  Berkan, Ph.D | Medium
Photo by Riza C. Berkan

Robotic Tutors

Robots and Me 7:Robot as a teacher – thoughtfulSaideep
Photo by Youngbloggersrule

In the future, we might be able to witness robotic teachers. We have seen in movies like “Frank and the robot” how the robots do everything at the house like washing dishes, sweep floors, etc. Robots can have the same multi-tasking duties at school without having any difficulties. We know that it can be difficult for actual teachers to manage lots of things at the same thing (teaching, grading, preparing for class). However, robots will not face any problems as they will be programmed to do all these things at the same time. As mentioned in lecture 6, Roboticist, Hans Moravec helps to draw in the idea of robotic tutors as he is a futurist who made some important contributions about the relationships between humans, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


BCM325 lecture Notes, (n.d.). Lecture 6: Futurists. Retrieved from https://moodle.uowplatform.edu.au/pluginfile.php/2739387/mod_resource/content/1/BCM325_Lecture%206%2001-02-2021.pdf

Bticino International. (n.d.). https://www.bticino.com/news/smart-home/voice-assistant-for-home-commands/ [Digital image]. Retrieved from https://www.bticino.com/news/smart-home/voice-assistant-for-home-commands/

Rule, Y. B. (2020, August 26). Robots and me 7:robot as a teacher. Retrieved March 26, 2021, from https://thoughtfulsaideep.wordpress.com/2020/07/23/robot-as-a-teacher/

Schmelzer, R. (2019, July 17). Ai applications in education. Retrieved March 25, 2021, from https://www.forbes.com/sites/cognitiveworld/2019/07/12/ai-applications-in-education/?sh=288895b862a3

Tuomi, I. (2020, September 09). The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. Retrieved March 25, 2021, from https://research4committees.blog/2020/09/07/the-use-of-artificial-intelligence-ai-in-education/

BCM 313: Course Reflection

The future of Work (BCM313) course has been quite a unique course when compared to the courses I had previously whether it was an Associate degree or the top-up degree. It was a bit challenging since the first week of it like every week I had to come out of my comfort zone and try to talk about the ongoing topic. The best and the most interesting part I liked about the course was how every week a guest speaker was coming from different part of industries to give us a talk about their career and so that we can learn about Narrative therapy– All thanks to the lecture, Maria Fung. It was very helpful as I wasn’t sure how is the reality after studying when I start to work full time.

Guest speakers coming to give a talk every week also helped me with the assignment as I was aware of how a narrative is held after listening to the guest speakers. It also helped me share my interviewee’s story, his information, and the values he’s having in front of the class. Interviewing someone who works professionally gave me an idea of how professional work is, what challenges and struggles they face, and finally how do they face these challenges. This has helped me prepare myself for a full-time job after studying.

Throughout the course, although the whole course was online and I couldn’t meet any of my classmates, I still learned a lot about my classmates through sharing experiences and values, etc. It was a great unfortunate of not having face-to-face classes but of course safety first, we were still able to talk about ourselves and share our ideas through zoom break-out rooms which I thought was very helpful with the assignment and of knowing more about our classmates.

Finally, the whole course was about Narrative practice and how the future of work is changing. I learned how we can learn through telling other people’s stories. I also learned a lot about how the future is changing through the research and I think I am aware of what I can expect from the future of work now.

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