BCM313: The Work is Changing

When we take a look at how the world of work was like a couple of years back before an unexpected and unforeseen pandemic called “Covid 19” arose all over the world. We could have never imagined how the world of work will change all of a sudden after 2019. Imagine if there was no virus (Covid 19) ever happened in the world, would the work still change so much? Would we still be using online platforms to work from home in bed? I doubt not. Although the virus is an infelicitous thing which happened in our lives as it has lost a lot of lives and disrupted many people’s life routines and plans all over the world, but it also gave a prospect to the world to endeavor a new level of work-life (online) which no one has ever thought of.

At the starting of the pandemic, lots of companies and organizations failed to fight the situation and experienced big losses as it was a different and new crisis for them to handle. Take Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways as an example, HK Cathay Airways loses a record of HK$21.6 billion during the Covid-19 pandemic. A company’s loss does not only affect the employers but also the workers who are working for them. There are lots of other big companies and organizations who also had a big loss. According to (APESO, 2020), 81 million jobs were lost because of the pandemic. However, the pandemic changed the whole way of work as it gave people a sense of belongings on how they work individually online. Big companies and organizations also started fighting the pandemic and informed their employees to work from home. These strategies help the companies to maintain a survival mode. 

We all believe that sooner or later Artificial Intelligence would have ensued to take control all over the world including the world of work. The pandemic has delineated a shade of how the environment will look like after Artificial Intelligence completely takes over the control in almost all elements in our lives especially the work life. For instance, before the pandemic, whenever someone wants to open a company, they have to look out for lots of things such as the location, a place for an office. However, they do need to find a place for their office now as they can open up an office online. They can run their business and company through the internet and inform their employees to work from their homes. The pandemic has helped and taught employers and employees how to work and attend meetings online at home. This has helped the world take its first step towards Artificial Intelligence in work life. 

According to Robert Tanner (2020), “The world of work is changing! Old business models and outdated management and leadership practices do not fit this new reality”. The world of work has climbed to a position where companies will require leaders and executives who are skilled in digital transformation, creativity, innovation, communication, and strategic thinking. The world of work does not accept leaders having the old sense of business skills because it is an era of digital and social media where leaders and employers need to be very creative and think of how they can expand their business through the digital era. The capability of working spontaneously would be an ascendancy as it will require an individual to develop innovative needs and generate new business concepts. 

As we can see that the pandemic has given the world to think and change the world of work into a different perspective. Lots of people believe that due to advanced technology, robots, and  Artificial Intelligence will eat up human labor. However, that’s not true. According to (Tom Standage, n.d), “technology is actually creating jobs for society, rather than taking them away. For example, the advent of 3D printing means that we need more designers and fewer people with building skills”. People will need to maintain their skills pertinent to the modern trend if they want to be relevant to the market. The pandemic has given a chance to the people to see through their skills and catch sight of what they are capable of instead of being dependent.  

Narrative Practice

Narrative practice helps inspire a person to take action by sharing stories and experimenting with “wider ranges of possibilities for the future”, (White, 2007). The narrative practice also helps people look at their story (pandemic) and see how they can learn from it and be ready to face the current and future problems. The pandemic has made people realize that it’s time to change their working environment into something they have never thought of.

Covid-19 has helped people explore their own talents and skills they’re having and try to use them without being dependent on anyone. It is an era of digital and social media, people should focus on what they can individually through the internet. The pandemic also gave a way to Artificial Intelligence to step in by making the working environment into an online home working office. Now people will be able to know how the work might look like in the future and whether they can continue working online or not.


APESO. (2020, December 15). 81 million jobs lost as COVID-19 creates turmoil in Asia-Pacific labour markets. Retrieved March 23, 2021, from https://www.ilo.org/asia/media-centre/news/WCMS_763819/lang–en/index.htm

Lee, D. (2021, March 10). Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways In ‘survival Mode’ after record losses in 2020. Retrieved March 23, 2021, from https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/hong-kong-economy/article/3124792/cathay-pacific-airways-posts-record-losses-hk216

Standage, T. (n.d.). Everything you need to know about the changing world of work and how to keep abreast with changes as they happen, according to the economist. Retrieved March 23, 2021, from https://www.a-connect.com/knowledge/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-changing-world-of-work-according-to-the-economist/?%2Facknowledge%2Feverything-you-need-to-know-about-the-changing-world-of-work-according-to-the-economist%2F

Tanner, R. (2020). How the world of work is changing (part 1). Retrieved March 23, 2021, from https://managementisajourney.com/how-the-world-of-work-is-changing-part-1/

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BCM325: Live Tweeting (Week 7-12)

Part 2 of live-tweeting of movie screenings has been more better and relaxed when compared to part 1 of live-tweeting. I managed to understand more after receiving the comments from the tutor about the part 1 live-tweeting and made the corrections and improvements accordingly. I remember that I used to do very little preparation before the movie screening in part 1 (Week 1 to 6), however, I managed to prepare more and it helped me catch up and tweet something relevant to the lecture materials and the future. I watched 4 movie screenings from week 7 to 12 and have tweeted/ engage on Twitter. I will be showing my tweets, retweets, and other engagement on Twitter below.

Live Tweets

When I try to start the live-tweeting, I focused on the background and what the movie is about so that it can give me a flow to start tweeting other stuff from the lecture notes. The notes that I drop down before watching the movie (preparation) helped me as it was always very easy for me to know what the movie is and what will I be expecting from the movie.

The next thing I try to do is to find the things from the movie that are the same or completely different from the actual world we are living in. Or I try to find out whether will we see the technological advancements in our lives which are shown in the movie. I also use some questions to ask on Twitter and see what does the audience think about it (especially the technological advancement that are still yet to have discoursed in the actual world). For example, whether robots will bring good to people or bad? or will ever have an Oasis game in the future? This method helps me think more and helps me think of more stuff to tweet.

After that, I try to answer all the questions that were listed in the lecture notes and also use lecture notes as a reference to find the things that are related and then tweet about it. For example, I try to see what artificial intelligence has been used in the movie, whether it has lead to a utopian or dystopian world, how has cyberspace been represented in the movie, whether the imagination and predictions are correct and etc.

I also tweeted about the Online world and the offline world in the movie. For example how the different worlds lead to a conflict in the different representation of identity. This helped me see how life are in the actual world, where so many people are having 2 different identities (1. social media/ 2. actual life).

I also try to find out what positive and negative will the technologies bring to the human’s behavior.

This is one of the tweets I tweeted at last as I wanted to summarize what I have been tweeting since the first week. Since the first week of the movie screening, I was tweeting about witnessing a robot or cybernetic body with a human in my real life, but there are still no clues that we will see that really soon. Movies in 1950 were predicting these robots in 2020 and the movies in 2020 are predicting these types of robots in 2045. Will we see movies in 2045 predicting these advanced robots in 2070?

Engagements/ Interaction tweets

In part 2 of the live tweeting, I started using polls to engage with my audience and see what are their thoughts. This really helps you see what the public are expecting from the future by watching the movie.

I also retweeted my classmates tweets which I thought were helpful in learning the future thinking. I also quoted some of the tweets before retweeting them. Moreover, I also liked my classmates tweets to try to engage with them.

Meaningful Conversation (Comments)

I also engaged with meaningful conversation with my classmates regrading the movie and the interesting topics about robot. This method is very good as you can exchange your views with your classmates and also learn from their views.

Engagement rate:

My tweets impression and the people who have visited my profile have increase by 36.5% and 101.9% respectively.


To sum up, I think I have improved a lot when compared to part 1 of live-tweeting as I tried to use more references from lecture notes and I also tried to engage more with my classmates through liking, retweeting, quote retweeting, and commenting on their tweets. I also learned a lot about how to tweet live while watching a movie at the same time.

BCM325: Beta Comments and Self-Reflection

As we are coming to the end of the semester, I have learned a lot about the future thinking through the movie screenings, lectures, and through my classmate’s digital artifacts. It has also helped me with my Digital Artifact as well as to comment on my classmate’s digital artifact beta presentation. I have commented on three of my classmate’s Beta presentations.

Last time, when I had to comment on my classmate’s pitch presentation, I couldn’t focus much on the academically as I just gave away my comments and suggestions without having an academic article (Google Scholar) or used the lecture notes as reference. However, this time I have used the full advantage of google scholar and lecture notes to give comments and recommendations to my classmates. I will be discussing the comments below:

  1. Beta Presentation (Jeffrey) ____ (https://jeffery99.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/bcm325-da-beta/)

Jeffrey’s Digital Artifact Beta Presentation is about the future of online shopping. His Beta Presentation videos show that he has completed 1 out of the 2 videos he is going to make for his digital artifact. He talked about technological advancement in his first video. His beta presentation video is also well managed with a good flow as he has talked about everything like the changes he has made, what has he completed so far, and what will do in the future

However, I noticed that Jeffrey talked about shopping vs the future of online shopping, I felt that he shouldn’t just focus on shopping “in-site shopping” rather talk about how’s online shopping now vs how it will be in the future. I also recommended him to talk about how the future of online shopping will enhance/affect people’s behavior. Moreover, I suggested him to use the lecture notes to give reference to the research he does and also give an example of how the future of online shopping might look like– will it be something related to Artificial Intelligence? or Cyborgs?

Finally, after my suggestions to Jeffrey, I also recommended to him some useful google scholar articles which I think will him with his future research and make him understand more. These articles talk more about what I suggested him to do.

2. Beta Presentation (Khan Mahanur)___ (https://youtu.be/sKm9apSZzp0)


Mahanur’s beta presentation talks about the development of robots in the future. Her beta presentation video is very detailed and has a good flow. She has done 3 video essays where she talked about the past/ present and pros/ cons of the development of robots in the future. She has also used reference academically (Google scholar and lecture notes), however, I suggested her to reference some movies like Blade runner, robot and Frank or Alita: Battle Angel, as movies predict and explains a lot about the development of robots in future. It shows how robots can bring positive factors as well as some negative factors to the world. I also recommended her to talk about Bell’s future from lecture notes (Possible, Probable, and a Preferable future). Finally, I recommended her 2 links about the development of future robots which I think will help her with her final draft.

3. Beta Presentation (Sarah)___ (https://sarahjrmz.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/bcm325-beta/)

Sarah’s Beta Presentation video is about the future of biometrics. I liked Sarah’s bitch presentation video as she mentioned everything she has done so far and what are her plans. Her pitch presentation video is very well balanced. I think she has talked about everything that needs to be there in her research. Her blogs also give some case studies which I think makes it very easy for the audience to understand her topic. However, I recommended her to talk more about the pros/ cons of the future of biometrics as lots of people are not aware of how biometrics can affect their behavior. Moreover, I suggested her to use the futurists as a reference to help her with her research. Finally, I suggested her 2 articles that talk bout her topic and talk more about my recommendations.


Overall, I think the beta presentation videos are quite well. I have suggested and provided some links which I think will help them polish their Digital Artifact. Lastly, I feel that my commenting on classmate’s digital artifacts helps me as well as I can get more knowledge about future thinking and use it for my digital artifacts.

BCM 313: Narrative Interview Reflection

When I was told that I need to conduct an interview of a person who works professionally in a way that is relevant to my future, I thought it will be a very difficult task. Because in my life, I have always gone to give an interview rather than conduct an interview that off someone senior to me. I was unsure of who to interview and what questions should I asked him, and after that how will I present his story in front of my classmates. Moreover, during the preparation time of the interview, I had to come back from Pakistan to Hong Kong which made it more difficult as I having a lot of stress of finding the hotels in Hong Kong for 21 days quarantine. However, I managed to find a person for the interview and started preparing for the interview.

Why I interviewed Adil Mehmood?

When I was thinking of whom should I interview for my assignment, lots of people came into my mind like my former teachers who taught me in my high school and during my associate degree, as I am still in contact with some of the teachers. However, I thought that most of my classmates might interview teachers so I wanted to interview someone whose profession is unique. Then I remembered there was a person (Adil Mehmood) whom my parents used to complement a lot while I was in high school and used to tell me that I should learn from him how to have a successful career. Therefore, I thought I should interview Adil and learn more about how he started his career to what profession he has today. I had his WhatsApp number so I asked him if I could interview him for my assignment regarding his work life. He replied saying that he is available to be interviewed and is happy to help with my assignment.

After approaching Adil for the interview, I started formulating some questions which will help me to ask my interviewee. However, it was very difficult to form the questions and as I’ve known Adil for many years, it was very difficult for me to conduct the interview formally because I was afraid whether Adil will take me seriously or not, or whether will I be able to focus on the interview questions or not as I didn’t want myself or the interview to go off-topic. Therefore, I thought to interview Adil on Zoom as I thought it might help me focus more and not go off-topic as zoom meetings can also provide a formal environment for the interview.

I feel that the interview went very smoothly as he was answering my questions very clearly and it was very easy to understand. Moreover, I used the narrative practice to interview Adil by making the interview more like storytelling than an actual interview. Furthermore, during the interview, what I like the most about his responses was that he was ready to engage and try to understand the questions in a way that was easier for me to understand him, for example, when I asked him to share the challenges he faced in his current job, he did not only mentioned the challenges he faced in his current job but compared his current job challenges with the challenges he faced during his previous jobs. His answer gave me a more understanding about his challenges as I think the challenges he faced in his previous jobs were obstacles for him but when he became a mechanical engineer (current job), his challenges became his strength to work more herder as he was always ready to face them. The answer also shows his value towards his dream job.

My values shaped

The values I formed after interviewing Adil are that I should be ready to face any challenges I face in my life rather than run away from them. I should always take the good out of the challenges and treat them as I am learning some new skills from the challenges/ obstacles. According to week 3 of BCM313, “Michael White pioneered a way of enabling his clients to learn from listening and retelling the stories of others”. I also learned a lot from listening to Adil and telling his story to the class for my presentation. For example, I learned that how I should look into myself and the values I’m having and how a story changes as different people have different ways to share a story which may make the story change a bit.

To conclude, I think conducting an interview and then sharing the interviewee’s story with my class went very well than I expected at the beginning. I also learned how to see the values of yourselves or others through the stories they share.

Presentation PowerPoint: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12P0NyKZvCK39xQmAP5-iKiylRHCJ4xA-HZaRKKpC2vY/edit?usp=sharing


Week 3, BCM313 The future of work, Retrieved from https://moodle.uowplatform.edu.au/pluginfile.php/2694808/mod_resource/content/1/BCM313%20Week%203.pdf

BCM215: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

A. My 3 Comments of my classmates Beta Presentation

  1. Beta Presentation: Comment 1 (Chaman) https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/beta-presenation-puzzle-video-games/

Chaman’s Digital Artifact Beta Presentation is about the game candy crush. It’s obvious why I choose her beta to comment is because Candy Crush is very popular and I have played that a lot in my life. I contributed to her Da by giving her some suggestions which I think may help her polish her digital artifact research and makes it more interesting. Thus, I told her to also focus on the game’s future, as to how the game might change in the future, and what are the plans of candy crush. Moreover, I also suggest her to talk about will the game change its platform from(e.g. from mobile phone game to VR Gaming?). Furthermore, to make her more understanding about my suggestions, I shared a link with her which talks about the future of Candy Crush. Therefore, I think my suggestion will help her a lot because at the moment she is focusing on the past and present, but if she also talks about the future, it will be a complete package of the research and it will help make her research interesting and useful to the readers. Moreover, I learned a lot about Candy Crush from Chaman’s Beta Presentation which I never knew before like the positive and negative about the game. I can’t wait to read Chaman’s final Resrech so I can learn more.

2. Beta Presentation: Comment 2 (Katrina) https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/bcm215-game-media-industries-learning-tetris/comment-page-1/?unapproved=179&moderation-hash=9fa553d786e9a5f00264847db5e23047#comment-179

The second comment I did is for Katrina. Her Digital Artifact is about the game Tetris. It is a very interesting game as it helps people kill time. But why I choose her Beta Presentation to comment on is because she chooses to share her research data on a YouTube video rather than on a blog post, where most of my classmates including me did. Moreover, although her research and beta presentation are very good, I suggested her to talk about the positive and negative about the game so that people can know about it before they try the game. I also suggested her articles which I thought will her with that. Also, I recommended her to talk about the future of the game so that the user can know what can they expect from the game in the future. I think my suggestions will help her because I think every gamer wants to know the positive and negative of the game and what the game will provide them in the future. Therefore I have provided her with 3 articles that I think will help her with her research. Lastly, I learned how to share your research data on a YouTube video rather than a blog post because I felt that blogs can sometimes be boring but a video is always very interesting and engaging.

  1. https://www.wired.com/story/tetris-effect-tetsuya-mizguchi-virtual-reality/
  2. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/5876/alexey_pajitnov__tetris_past_.php?print=1
  3. https://constantrenewal.com/tetris-effect/

3. Beta Presentation: Comment 3 (Clement) https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/03/01/bcm215-beta-digital-artifact/comment-page-1/#comment-187

The third comment I did is for Clement. His Digital Artifact is about the game Mobile Suit Gundam. I choose his beta presentation to comment on because I have never heard of this game before and want to explore more on what and how the game is. Therefore, after watching his Beta Presentation video I found out that there might be some suggestions that will help Clement with his research. Therefore, I suggest Clement talk about how the game will affect humans in the future because he was only focusing on the present time. This suggestion will help him because I think when a reader reads a research report he also wants to know more about what the game will bring in the future rather than just the present. Moreover, I also suggest him to look at the paratext and the game analysis of the game so that the readers can know more about the game and shared an article from which he can take reference from. I think my suggestions will help him polish his research report. Lastly, I learned about this new game and I hope to play it soon after reading Clement’s final research report o his Digital artifact.


B. Comments I receive:

My Beta Presentation Link: https://215gamemediaindustries.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/bcm215-digital-artifact-beta-presentation-2/

Comment 1: From Sarah

The first comment I receive is from Sarah, she suggested me some very useful suggestions which will help improve my Digital Artefact. She provided a scholarly article and told me to use Reddit for my public engagement. I think these suggestions will help me a lot.

Comment 2: Chaman

The second comment I receive is from Chaman, she also provided me some good and useful suggestion including an articled to improve my Digital Artifact. Also, she told me to talk about the future of the game. I will highly look forward to her suggestions and see if it can fit in my Digital artifact research.

Comment 3: Ellix

The third comment I got is from Ellix, I think he misunderstood on what I am focusing for my game. He thought i am only focusing on the market strategy of the game. However, that’s not true because I also focused on the paratext, game media analysis and the behavior of the counter strike gamers.


After reading and watching my classmates beta presentation videos, I think I leaned a lot from those videos. For example, I leaned about the new game and also leaned how to do a better research about my Digital Artifact. I also appreciate my classmates who choose to comment my and gave me some very good and useful suggestions on my Digital Artifact.

BCM325: Digital Artifact Beta Presentation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

I have completed more than half of my Digital artifact research and hope to finish the rest in the next few weeks. So far in my Digital Artifact, I have done some research about Artificial Intelligence in education through the articles in Google scholar and also used the lecture notes to help do some in-depth research and posted 2 of my 3 Blogs and shared it on my Twitter account. Moreover, the comments I receive from my tutor and classmates helped me polish my Digital Artifact. In my blog 3, I will be researching and focusing more on how Artificial Intelligence will be when it is introduced in Education in the next 5 to 20 years.

Lastly, I have planned on what I need to do in the coming few weeks to finish my Digital Artifact research. The details are as follows:

  • Do research for my blog 3
  • Finalize my Blog 3 research
  • Fix my Digital Artefact using tutors comments
  • Draft my final report
  • Finalize my Digital Artefact
AppFolio Acquires Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology Provider -  The Official AppFolio Blog

BCM215: Digital Artifact Beta Presentation

In my Beta Presentation video, I was able to mention all the prototypes, the process of my research, the public engagements, and the changes I have gone through since my digital artifact pitch. So far I have done 2 of my 3 blogs for my research on the game counterstrike

As I have mentioned that the game has been very popular since it has updated its new series in 2012, I was able to give evidence to show the popularity of the game like the followers of the game on Twitter and Facebook. I also mention that the game has hit more than 20 million active users worldwide (Statista, 2021). Moreover, I mentioned the Market strategy used by the developers of the game the popularity of the game started to drop.  I reviewed my classmates and tutors co9mments and it really helped improve my research as i was able to research more on players behaviors and not only the addiction of the game.

Furthermore, I have a clear mind on what I need to do in the coming weeks to polish my Digital Artifact Research. The details are as follows:

  • Review peers comment on my beta
  • Do research for my blog 3
  • Finalize my Blog 3 research
  • Fix my Digital Artefact according to tutors comments
  • Draft my final report
  • Finalize my Digital Artefact

I hope I can I finish my research and help people who wants to play the game counterstrike.

Blog Post 1&2

Blog Post 1: https://theaqibali.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/bcm-215-part-1-introduction-to-counter-strike/

Blog Post 2: https://theaqibali.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/bcm-215-part-2-the-game-counter-strike/

CSGO's monthly average count started an upward trend in August


Statista. (2021, January 29). CS:GO peak concurrent player number on Steam 2016-2020https://www.statista.com/statistics/808630/csgo-number-players-steam/#:%7E:text=Counter%20Strike%20still%20going%20strong,the%20figure%20from%20May%202016

Johnson, N. (2020, April 30). Valve’s patience and PERFECT WORLD’S MARKETING fuel Csgo records. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from https://win.gg/news/4131/valve’s-patience-and-perfect-world’s-marketing-fuel-csgo-records

BCM 215 Part 2: The Game Counter Strike!!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive No Steam - WaRzOnE Free Download

In the previous blog, I talked about the introduction of the game, when and who released the game, and how the game was updated to Counterstrike: Global Offensive in 2012. I also talked about the popularity of the game both on social media and the game itself. A cause was provided of why the game is so popular and how it can be very addictive. In this blog, I will talk about my own experience of playing the game counter strike and what are the fan’s/ player’s behavior and comments towards the game counterstrike and lastly show the marketing strategies by the game.

My experience:

OPINION: Lost without sports? There are popular esports to watch in their  place - Indiana Daily Student

To understand more about the game, I will be sharing my experience playing the game counter strike. I remember I was in high school when I started playing counterstrike online. One of my friends introduced it to me and it was completely a new thing for me because I have never played any online shooting game which allowed me to pair up with my teammates or play against my friends. This feature of the game which allows players to play with or against their friends made me crazy about the game and I got addicted to it. Every day after school, I would go to the computer room and play the game for hours. According to my Auto-ethnography, I feel the better the feature and the graphics are of the game, it makes people addictive which happened with me.

Fan’s Reviews on the game

According to the (Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media, 2019), I went through the reviews of what the fans had to say about the game and found out that most of the people are quite positive about the game, although they recommended that the game is more suitable to be played if you’re aged above 12+ because of some violence in the game. This completely shows that there is some violence in the game which might harm the children and make them get more addicted to the game. Moreover, some of the parents review that lots of their children have been addicted to the game because the game provides lots of opportunities for their kids to play on a different battlefield with their friends. Therefore, after reviewing parents’ and fan’s reviews, I found out that the violence and the free choosing feature of the battlefields is also a cause of making players addicted to the game.   

Marketing Strategy:

CSGO's monthly average count started an upward trend in August
(Johnson, Valve’s patience and PERFECT WORLD’S MARKETING fuel Csgo records 2020)

The game growth lots of popularity since the update of the counter strike version in 2012, however, it stopped in some months in 2019, when the game saw a downfall in popularity of the game counter strike. It was time for the game producers to use some successful tactics to bring back the popularity of the game. Therefore, the Counterstrike decided to play out some tactics. According to (Johnson, 2020), the game launched some high-profile tournaments to help grow back its original popularity of the game. Counter strike played a major role in bringing different features and tournaments at the right time to make people play the game again. 

To conclude, the better the features and the better the graphics, it makes people more addicted to the game. Therefore, if a new player wants to start playing Counter strike, he should be aware of the consequences and find out solutions which might help him when he gets addicted to the game. Also, the producers of the game played a successful market strategy when the popularity of the game was starting to shrink.


Chapman, D. (2019, June 19). Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/counter-strike-global-offensive/user-reviews/child

Johnson, N. (2020, April 30). Valve’s patience and PERFECT WORLD’S MARKETING fuel Csgo records. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from https://win.gg/news/4131/valve’s-patience-and-perfect-world’s-marketing-fuel-csgo-records

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

BCM 215 Part 1: Introduction to Counter-strike

Counter-Strike Steamissä

In my digital artifact, I intend to investigate the game “Counter-Strike” on how it affects people in different ways (e.g. mental health) and investigate whether the game is addictive or not. To move on, if we say a game is not addictive, is it even a good game? A popular game? Well, a game has to be addictive to be a good and popular game. However, if the new gamer knows that this game is addictive, he can try to manage his time and find out solutions before playing the game if he gets addicted. This is why my main target audience is the gamer who wants to try “Counter-Strike” for the first time. In this blog, I will mainly talk about the game media analysis, text, and the Para text of the game.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2018) - Gameplay PC HD - YouTube

The game “Counter-Strike” is a series of multiplayer shooting video game that was firstly played in 1999 on windows for the first time and its last series (Counter-Strike; Global Offensive) released in 2012. It was first designed and developed by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, (Henningson, 2020). According to Statista (2021), “The popularity of Counter-Strike has increased and it has more than 20 million active users worldwide”. Although the is mostly played online on a computer, the game also got very popular and it has more than 10million downloads on the only Playstore. Another reason for the game being so popular is because of the pandemic, lots of people were free at home and they started playing many online games. 

Counter-Strike on Social Media

The game is not only popular for playing but there are lots of fans following the official game pages on social media like Twitter and Facebook. The official page of the game Counterstrike has more than 1 million followers on Twitter and 544,830 followers on Facebook respectively. Moreover, According to (Statista Research Department, 2021), “there was a total of 7.47M number of hours of Counterstrike’s content was viewed on Twitch in January 2021 and 1.3M number of peak concurrent players on Steam in 2020”. Moreover, Counter-Strike had a record revenue on Steam in 2017 for 120MN USD, (Statista Research Department, 2021)

In today’s generation, a person will never go out to do sport nor go to meet friends, rather he will just sit at home, play online games together with their friends and talk with them, says (WHY PLAYING CS: GO IS SO ADDICTIVE? 2020). The games nowadays have given people a wonderful choice to stay at home to play the game and at the same time enjoy your game time with your friends. Therefore, people prefer staying at home and play the game all the time. More and more advanced features in games are making people addicted to online games.

In part 2 of my blog, I will talk more about the Para text of the game, the fan’s behavior, and my own experience of the game counter strike.


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Part 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education (BCM325)

32 Ways AI is Improving Education | Getting Smart

In Part 1, I talked about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how it can affect both the students and teachers when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is introduced in education in the next 10 years time. In this blog, I will talk more about the changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education will bring and how it might affect human/ society reactions. There are both positive and negative impacts on the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education and how it can effect human/ society reactions.

Human/ Society Reactions

OSHA increases efforts to prevent trenching deaths | 2018-10-04 | ISHN

Firstly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring changes to society by enhancing the employment rate. According to (Charles, et, al 2019), “It is widely expected that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have an enormous impact on what we teach, as it will impact many occupations”. For instance, it will change the level of education and shape student’s mentality of technology which we get to apply and see in our everyday daily life. Students will enhance their ability and skills in using technology. Therefore, it will help society to construct more occupations and will accelerate the employment rate which will lead to a better economy.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not only help improve students educationally but also mentally and emotionally. For instance, “smart buildings can be used so that it will control and manage the air quality, temperature or play music depending on the mood of occupants of the space” says (Chen, et, al, 2020). Due to the pollutions by factories and vehicles, students will be able to enjoy a better quality air which will make them focus more in the class. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring positive changes to make the learning atmosphere of students in class better.

Florida School Tests AI as Virtual Tutor for Online Course -- Campus  Technology

However, when there is a positive act, there must be a negative as well. Thus, there is some negative impact which might be brought by Artificial Intelligence in Education. For instance, according to Humble and Mozelius (2019), if Artificial intelligence is suddenly introduced in Education, it might be difficult for some students and teachers to get used to it because they might not be prepared for it. Also, it is a fear that teachers might get replaced by virtual tutors like robots, which might make it difficult for students as the communication level might not be the same as the actual teacher. 

Futurist: Wendall Bell

Bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education is a probable future as according to W, Bell, who studies about future, says that ” a future requires having excellent data about the present and the past, in order
to model and forecast what the future will be like”. Therefore, there is an excellent data about the past and present as Artificial Intelligence has been around d for ages now, we can see it coming in education by the example of schools having online classes because of the pandemic. This route makes it easy for AI to enter the education industry. There the present today is forecasting the future tomorrow.

Therefore, there is a probable future of Artificial intelligence in education. Also, there are more positive changes that might be brought by Artificial Intelligence to education in the next 10 years and solutions can be implemented to minimize the negative impacts.


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