Part 1: Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education (BCM325)

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In my Digital Artefact, I intend to investigate the changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring in Education in the 10 years. As we all know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been involved in a lot of different aspects of our daily life such as the manufacturing of robots, smart assistants, or even in gaming like Virtual Reality (VR) games. Technology and Artificial intelligence have advanced so quickly and I think it is time to bring Artificial Intelligence to Education also.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

How Smart is Artificial Intelligence? | by MIT IDE | MIT Initiative on the  Digital Economy | Medium

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around since 1955 (Gill, P, 2016), some people still are unaware of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. Even though they are living together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ages. According to Jake, F (2021), “Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions”. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped enhance the world with its convenient ways to solve problems using machines with the help of advanced technology. It has been involved in lots of different industries like financing or healthcare. Moreover, people in the 19th century have imagined and predicted lots of new technologies and inventions through movies which have helped a lot, as most of the Artificial Intelligence today such as the Robots and Smart Assistant (SIRI) were predicted and imagined in movies like “A Space Odyssey” and “Metropolis”. 

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Therefore, it’s time to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education so that it will be convenient for both teacher (to teach) and students (to learn). Since the pandemic, almost all of the students and teachers had a taste of having classes and lectures online. This can be the first step to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Education as it has manifested everyone on whether using technology for classes is better or not. For instance, online classes have helped teachers and students save their traveling time, which can help students have more time to do their assignments. According to a study by Ryznar et, al (n.d.), students prefer having online classes as it helps them have a better learning experience and gives them more time for assignment and exam preparations. This shows that Artificial Intelligence in education can be a great success as it will give students extra time to work on their assignments and prepare for exams.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not only help students but it can also help the teachers. For instance, Robots or machines can be introduced to grade student’s learning materials so that teachers can save time to work on other professional development like prepare for class, interact more with students and find out the weakness and strengths of students (Staff, T, 2018). This way it can relax tutors workload which will benefit students as the teachers will pay more attention to them 

There are lots of more changes artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to Education in the next 10 years. Do check out part 2 of the blog to know about the changes artificial intelligence can bring to education and how it will effect the human/ society reactions.

How AI is Revolutionizing Education and Learning? - PrimaFelicitas


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BCM215: Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection


A. My 3 comments on my classmate’s Pitches

  1. Digital Artefact Pitch: comment 1 (Isabelle)

Isabelle’s Digital Artefact is about the game “Mario Kart”. She is looking forward to investigate the gameplay, para-texts and the overall features of the game. Mario Kart is a very popular game and lots of people have at least played it once in their life. Isabelle showed that she had a clear understanding on what is wants to investigate and what is her timeline for the next week.

However, I recommended Isabelle to find the advantages and disadvantages of the game also, because the game is so popular that it must have people who have been addicted from the game people who leaned new stuff from the game. Overall, I think her pitch is well balanced with good flow.

2. Digital Artefact Pitch (Chaman)

Chaman’s Digital Artefact focus on the game “Candy Crush”. I choose her pitch to comment on because i remember I used to play Candy Crush a lot during my high school time. I got so addicted to the game that i couldn’t focus on other things in my life. Therefore, I liked the way she mentioned she want to focus whether the game is addictive or whether people can learn something from the game. Moreover, I recommended her an article which I though may help her with her research about the advantages and disadvantages of the game “Candy Crush” I cant wait to see whether other player got addicted from the game or they leaned something from the game.

Correspondent, F, What are the advantages and disadvantages of Candy Crush? Retrieved from

3. Digital Artefact (Jeffrey)

Jeffrey’s Digital Artefact talks about the game  Yakuza Series which is a Japanese game. I liked how he wants to investigate the Japanese Gangster culture from the game as nowadays some games shows the culture of some people. Like, people who have never been to some places, they can leaned about the cultures from the games they play nowadays. Moreover, I think that Jeffrey has a clear understanding in his pitch on what he wants to investigate and achieve in his Digital Artefact. However, I recommended him to talk about the overall features of the game and how the game has improved – regardless of the culture, functions, and features of the game since the first version of the game released.

B. Comments I received from my classmates

COMMENT 1 (Katrina)

The first comment is received is from Katrina. First, she talked about her interest in playing the game like she could be the hero in the game of the virtual world. She also mentioned the featured where we can choose our own character. I agree with her because whenever I play the game, i felt like the hero and the most powerful in the game. Moreover, she suggested me some ideas on how i can improve my Digital Artefact like if i include the fan culture of the :Counter-Strike” and make engagement with my audience and receive the feedback loop from them. However, at the moment, I just want to find out how the game has been so popular and what are the pros and cons about it. Moreover, Katrina suggested me an article which talks about how video games are becoming more more addicting especially after the pandemic. I think this article will help me a lot during my research because that is one of the main point of my research.

COMMENT 2 (Chaman)

The 2nd comment I received is from Chaman who thought that my topic is interesting. Although she haven’t heard of the game but she understood what I’m trying to do for my digital artifact. Moreover, she suggested me to discuss the category of the game and compare with other genre games, like comparing the positive and negative wither other games. However, I think I just want to focus on Counter-Strike at the moment and look at its positive and negative only. Further, she suggested me 2 links to articles and I have gone through the, I think the articles will help me with my research for my digital artifact.

COMMENT 3 (Leo, Tiu Siu Lun)

The 3rd comment I received is from Leo. He mentioned that he loves playing Counter-Strike: Go, and he believes that he is one of the addicted player from the game. His statement gave me a huge confident that what i am trying to focus (people being addicted to the game counter strike) on my Digital artefact is in a correct way. According to Leo, lots of people like Leo have been addicted to the game because it helps to maintain relation with friends and the game offers and excellent opportunity to player sot communicate and interact with different people. I agree with Leo and I will try to mention these points in my Digital Artefact report. Moreover, Leo suggested me to provide the experience of me playing the game like what my temper and attitude is while I play the game. I will try to see my attitude on the way I play the game or other people play the game and see whether someone is addicted to the game or not. He ended by recommending an article which might help me with my topic. I will try to use his article in my DA so that his effort doesn’t go wasted.


To conclude, I leaned lots of new things when I was commenting on my classmates pitches and now I have a more better understanding on what my Digital artefact should like. I also appreciate my classmates who gave comments to my pitch and gave me some ideas/ advices on how I can improve my research on the game Counter-Strike for my Digital Artifact.

Image result for counterstrike game

Live Tweets (Week 1 to 6)

Since Week 2, we have been live tweeting on movie screening in the class. To be honest, in the first few weeks, I was lost and had a difficult time tweeting because I was not sure on what I should or shouldn’t tweet about the movie. However, I started to know what I need to tweet after some weeks by seeing the past examples and getting use to my own tweet routine. I watched 5 movies from week 2 to week 6 and have live tweeted / engaged on twitter. In the following, I will be showing my engagement and tweets i have done in the past 5 weeks.

Live Tweets

In the first week of live tweeting, I was puzzled as I didn’t know what I should tweet for the movie (Metropolis). So I started searching about the movie on Google and see if there’s anything I can tweet about it. I couldn’t find anything so I though I should tweet the background of the movie and above is my first ever tweet of the movie screening in the last 6 weeks.

Slowly, I started to think about what my course is about, and what I learned in the lecture so that I can use that knowledge to tweet. I started comparing the life in the movie VS the life I’m living today.

After tweeting for a while in the first 2 weeks of live tweeting, I started tweeting about the technologies, how the movie have predicted so many things that we are living with it today. For example, in the move “A space Odyssey” there was a computer “HAL 9000” which controlled the whole spaceship and today, we’ve got SIRI. I also started to use some images instead of just texts so that i can engage well with people through my tweets.

Later in the next weeks, I started to know what my tweets should look like and what I need to tweet about. I tried looking at how the movie is showing the prediction and the imagination of future world and the technology will enhance in the future. Lots of Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen from the movies like how the robots are taking control over people. And how a human is having a cybernetic body parts but a brain of human. I started dropping all the notes from the movie which is related to Artificial Intelligence and compared it with todays life whether are we having the technologies shown in the movie or not, like the flying cars or voice-controlled computers (SIRI).

Interaction Tweets

I also interacted with my classmates on twitter about the movie screenings. I interacted and engaged with my classmates through liking their posts, commenting and retweeting their tweets. This process helped me learn what are people think about the future technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

I engaged with my classmates through re-tweeting their tweets and giving my opinions or answering their tweets. This was the best approach of interaction for me because I could use my classmate views and try to comment on them

I also involved in meaningful conversations with my classmates talking about the technologies and robots in the movies which have different features in them. It is really nice to know about my classmates comments and opinion about the Artificial Intelligence.

Twitter allows people to like and comment on people’s tweet. I used the full advantage of that interact with my classmates through liking their tweets and commenting on them. A “like” also make other classmates know that they have tweeted relevantly.

Engagement rate

The above screenshot shows my engagement rate with my classmates and the impressions I received from people.


I think I should try to prepare before watching the movie and prepare as much tweets as I can so that I can choose the right tweets while I’m watching the movie. I will also try to use different features provided by Twitter like to ask questions using poll on my twitter so that I can interact more with my classmates. I believe that I am improving each week and will try to do better in the next coming weeks

Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection

I have commented on 3 pitches of my peer’s Digital Artefact. My main focus when I look at their pitch was how they presented their idea and what are the methods they choose to research their idea. Then I gave them some recommendations and provided some links that might help with future research of their digital artifact idea. I hope my recommendation can help them polish their Digital Artefact and looking forward to their DA research. Below are the 3 reflections of my 3 comments.

  1. Digital Artefact (Richard)——-

Richard’s pitch talked about bringing Virtual Reality (VR) gaming to the world within the next 10 years. Although there are some Virtual Reality games around they are very limited. By looking at the current Virtual Reality games, it seems that they are going to out-date online and smartphone games very soon. I am looking forward to Virtual Reality (VR) gaming in the next 10 years.

I recommended Richard to tell about the advantages and disadvantages Virtual Reality (VR) can bring to people’s lives. With that, I recommended an article link which talks about the advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, I also recommended Richard to talk about the different types of Virtual reality games that people might see in the future and provided him a link that might help him with.

There is another link I listed in the comments about Global virtual reality market which I though might help him with his research about the global market say on Virtual Reality

2. Digital Artefact (Clement)—–

Clement had a great topic talking about the future of computers like Quantum Computer. He mentioned that the Quantum computer has been around since 1998 and it is faster than the Classical computers. I think computers are the base of future technology and the success of Artificial Intelligence.

Clement mentioned in the video that he will research using News, Journal articles, and Movies. I told him that I like his idea of using Movies to research future computers and gave him an example from the movie “A Space Odyssey” where a computer “HAL 9000” controls everything in the spaceship. Movies are the best example of showing and predicting the what future might look like.

In the end, I mentioned some links that might help Clement with his research on the future of computers like the future of quantum computers and what the future of computers might look like.

3. Digital Artefact (Arsllan)——

Arsllan’s idea of the evolution of future culture in Digital Platform is quite appealing as how Digital media like YouTube or Facebook is gradually growing its interest in people. People are sharing everything they like on social media platforms including memes, news, or any random stuff.

I commented on Arsllan’s pitch that he has mentioned everything very clearly on what he is looking forward to doing in his digital artifact and have given lots of examples on what he will be looking to research about his idea. I also praised his video as it was well organized with a clear voice and understanding.

At the end of the comments, I recommended him some articles that might help him with his research.

BCM215: Digital Artefact Pitch (Counter Strike)

Digital Artefact Pitch

I have chosen to research the game “Counter-Strike” for my digital artifact pitch. I intend to investigate how the game affects people in different ways (mental health) whether it is positive or negative. Whether the game is addictive or not. Counter-Strike is a multiplayer video game that has gained a lot of popularity. It was updated to Counter-Strike: GO in 2012, its popularity increased and it has more than 20 million active users worldwide (Statista, 2021). Lots of people started playing the game during the pandemic which is why I want to find out the effects it brought to the players, like whether it’s addictive or not.

According to Anne (2012), “lots of organizations have set warning bells ringing because they have received lots of calls regarding the people’s usage of online video games”, This shows that lots of video/ computer games are addictive and once a person starts playing, it is very difficult for him to stop playing. Moreover, according to (Rooij, 2011), “Video game addiction is not a new phenomenon”. This shows that the problem of video game addiction is very old and it is still not solved. it’s still a major problem that needs to be tackle down as it can affect people in lots of different ways.

Project Plan

Week 5: Submit Digital Artifact Pitch

Week 6-7: research and collect data

Week 6-8: Start to write down blog posts about my findings

Week 9: Submit Digital Artifact


Anne B, (2012). A young people’s perspective on computer game addiction. Taylor & Francis.

Rooij, A. J. (2011, January 1). Online video game addiction: identification of addicted adolescent gamers. Wiley Online Library.

Statista. (2021, January 29). CS:GO peak concurrent player number on Steam 2016-2020.,the%20figure%20from%20May%202016

BCM313: Narrative Reflection: Disruption faced in the Pandemic

“Although life is rich in lived experience, we give meaning to very little of this experience”

Michael White, 2007

Everything was going smoothly in our lives. I, as a student, was following my routine and having classes on the college campus until a sudden virus came into our lives and disrupt all our routines and plans. The name of the virus is coronavirus (Covid-19). Every single thing had to shut down. Now, if someone told me 2 years ago about this virus, which will lead to everything being shut down for more than a year, whether it’s schools, Universities, offices, immigration departments, or even airlines. I would never believe it. How can a virus last for more a year? But after living through it, I had to say that I came across lots of difficulties in the past 1 year.

Last year in April, the cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong started to grow and all of us had to stay at home. A new normal started where face to face classes turned into online classes. Which at the beginning I was excited. I always dreamed to have classes on my bed so I can do whatever I want like eat, drink or nap. But when online classes started especially after September, I found out that it was difficult to focus on the lectures as my bed was always distracting me from focusing. Although it saved the traveling time, I think it wasn’t worth it. The early morning classes were always difficult because I could never get out of my bed to attend the class. And whenever I tune in to the online lectures on the bed, I always end up sleeping. So it was very difficult for me as all of my routines changed. Before the pandemic, I used to do lots of sports in order for me to stay relax all the time but the pandemic forced me to pause everything.

However, time passed and I got used to the new normal. Since the new normal, new routines started to become normal because I have been living with it for lots of months already. I found out that online classes are actually much better as I saved a lot of my traveling time to give more time to my assignments which as a result, I got better grades than my previous years.

However, due to some family reasons, I had to come back to my hometown (Pakistan) in the semester break in December for around 20 days. Before leaving Hong Kong, the virus was silent and everything was starting to open and I thought I would also come back as soon as my tensions are over in Pakistan. Nonetheless, in late December, the 4th wave hit Hong Kong and this time, things were very tough and I knew it will take very long now. So I started looking for an airline ticket so that I can go back to Hong Kong before semester B starts. However, at that time all the flights were suspended until further notice and I couldn’t go back to Hong Kong. I had to do my online classes here in Pakistan.

During this pandemic for nearly 1 year now, the most difficult and what disrupted me was to have online classes from Pakistan because the timing of Hong Kong and Pakistan is very different. Hong Kong is 3 hours ahead of Pakistan. Also, my class starts at 9am on Hong Kong time which means that the class starts at 6am in Pakistan. So I always had to wakeup at 5am to freshen up myself and get ready for class. This process stressed me out as it very difficult for to wake up before the sunrise and get ready for my lesson and that too to focus in my class.

In the early weeks, I was very stressed and couldn’t understand how will I attend classes because I am a person who can never wake up early no matter what. But obviously, I valued classes more than my sleep. So I had to come with plans which will help me in attending my classes on time. Therefore, I started thinking about what I should do and came up with a plan that I should try to make my routine like I was in Hong Kong. For example, I should sleep at 11 pm Hong Kong time (8 pm Pakistan time) so that I can have a good 8-hour sleep before attending my class. I started to follow this routine and now I have got used to it and I don’t find any difficulties.

During this pandemic, I learned that changing routines is very difficult because you need some time to settle in your new routine. Also, we should always value our classrooms, offices because there can be a day when we all cant get these environments. Moreover, I think a person should never leave a country during pandemics because it can be very difficult to return back to your house.

Narrative Therapy

Michael White, an Australian social worker who developed the concept of narrative therapy. It helps when people get overwhelmed- by re-authoring- this means taking control of your story and using it to help steer into the future” (White, 2007). In addition, It inspires a person to reduce the current issue by sharing stories and exploring “wider ranges of possibilities for the future. (White, 2007). This technique of Narrative Therapy helped me look at my story and how I can learn from it for my future. It makes me think of what I value more in my life so I can focus on that rather than focusing on other things. For example, I had a dilemma in choosing to wake up early for online classes or to just sleep. I valued having class more so I had to think and come up with a plan on how I can attend class on time.


Bowles, K. (2020, August 19). Loom | Video. Not a thousand words. [Slides]. Retrieved from

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White, M. 2007. Maps of Narrative Practice. New York, WW Norton & Company, Retrieved from

BCM325: Digital Artefact Pitch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

My Digital Artifact idea is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education. I intend to examine the changes Artificial Intelligence will bring to education and the influence of Artificial intelligence in the next 5 to 20 years from now. I will look at how it will affect the Human/ Society reactions. I was inspired by the computer “HAL 9000” in the movie “A Space Odyssey” where the computer had all the controls in his hands and it helped the astronauts travel safely- Although there were some technical issues at the end. I thought maybe Artificial Intelligence can be brought in Education so that the teachers and student can be benefit by it.

Artificial Intelligence in Education will benefit both teachers and students. For instance, Virtual Tutors will help students know their progress and gives them instant feedbacks. On the other hand, teachers will be benefited by AI grading their students. Not only saving teachers time, but also helping teachers capture the emotions of students, for example, whether any student is struggling or is bored in the class.

I will be using blog post as a format for my Digital Artefact. I will research about my topic on google scholar and other news articles and collect all the relevant data from it. Then I will release my final blog post on my blog page.



Staff, T. (2018, September 16). 10 Roles For Artificial Intelligence In Education. Retrieved January 18, 2021, from

BCM212: Reflection on Research

Through out the progress of my research project, I have learned a lot. For instance, I have learned how to do a research project in an ethical way. Although I have done some research projects in Associate degree, but I have never thought to do the research in an ethical way by getting a consent from responds to use their data and then deleting the after the research is over.

Moreover, choosing a topic was the most difficult part for me as I couldn’t really think of a nice topic. Therefore, I started thinking about what I’m interested it. So as I like sports a lot, I thought I should do something related to sports. For the next couple of days, I started thinking about how sports in related to university students. From there I thought to research about sports and stress. As whenever i have stress because of university life, I tend to go play sport in order to freshen up and relaxes my mind. Therefore, I started having a curiosity on whether other students also do sports to help them overcome with university life.

Designing and distributing the questionnaire was also a difficult thing as we were only limited to make around 10-12 questions. Therefore, I had to choose the best and limited questions which was time consuming and difficult. After designing my questionnaire, it was very difficult to get 30 responses. Our class only have around 24 students and we had to get help from the BCM212 students in Australia and Dubai. However, even after trying so much by posting it on twitter and using the hashtags of BCM212, posting on our class groups, I still couldn’t get 30 responses. I only got 19 responses. Therefore, I also leaned how difficult it is to get more responses from people even after trying so much. However, I am still happy that at least I got 19 questions which was still enough for me to finish my research project.

Lastly, I think I should plan out my work more efficiently so that I have more time to get people do the questionnaire. As I think, it takes the most time and I should spare more time for distributing my questionnaire so that I can enough responses I want. I also hope that I can improve more by reading more secondary sources.

BCM 212: Opinion Piece: Sport helps to tackle University stress

Lots of University students come across with lots of stress in their university life whether it’s their assignment’s stress, examination’s stress, or result’s stress. Some students even thought to give up on their studies to an extent when they can’t handle the stress and it’s not worth doing so. Therefore, I was curious to find out how students cope with their university stress. As for me, I use sport to kill my stress. Sports is grand equipment to use against stress as it assists a person to relax their mind and body, it also benefits a person by making them forget their university life for some time. In order to find out whether other students also use to sport to cope with their university life or not, I conducted a research questionnaire and distributed it to Bcm212 students. Although my target was to get 30 responses, I could only get 19 responses. Furthermore, I read some expert’s past research papers that are related to my topic to find out more understanding about the relationship of sports with stress and will use it as my secondary data.

Fig 1: Consent from respondents

To begin with, to research in an ethical manner, respondents were asked for their consent on using their responses for my research purposes only, and understand that all their responses and data will stay anonymous.


Fig 2: Pie chart on whether respondent ever encounter stress in their Uni life.
Fig 3: A horizontal bar chart showing the respondent’s reasons for stress

In Fig 2, when respondents were asked whether have they ever encounter stress in their university life, all of the respondents said yes. It was expected that everyone will say yes because nowadays every student has encounter stress at least once in their Uni life. As a backup question, respondents were asked to provide their reason for encountering stress, in fig 3, 94.4% said they have assignment stress while 44.4% said they have career stress. Moreover, according to the secondary source, a study conducted by (Abouserie, 2006) also shows that university students encounter lots of stress due to the assignment’s stress, examination’s stress, or the result’s stress. Therefore, this shows that students encounter stress whenever they are being tested whether it’s through assignment, examination, results, or career stress.

4. How do you overcome your stress?

Those respondents who said they have encountered stress in their university life were asked to tell how do they overcome their stress. The majority of the respondents said they do sports like play basketball, badminton, or even running. Only some students said they listen to music and would try to manage their time in order to finish up their work on time so they don’t stress up. 2 respondents said they do yoga and workout to overcome their stress. Therefore, the majority of the respondents do sports in order to overcome stress, it clearly shows that sports are still the best equipment to overcome stress.

Fig 4: Pie chart

Respondents were asked whether they have ever felt giving up on their studies due to stress. Fig 4 shows 63.2% of the respondents said yes while only 36.8% said no. This clearly shows that stress is a very big concern as it can make students give on studies.

Fig 5: Pie chart
Fig 6: Bar chat

Respondents were asked whether they like sports or not. According to fig 5, 68.4% of the respondents said yes while only 31.6% said no. Therefore, the majority of respondents like sports. Moreover, those respondents who said they don’t like sports were asked what other activities do they usually do. Fig 6 shows that majority of them said they dance, go hiking, and do workout. Therefore, most of the respondents do like sports, if not they prefer doing activities which are also related to physical and makes them feel relaxed and fit.

Fig 7: Pie chart

Respondents were asked to give out their views on whether they think sport helps to overcome their stress. Fig 7 shows that 84.2% of the respondents think sport helps to overcome their stress. The majority of them said that sports make them feel relax and better, and it helps them to divert their mind off their university problems. However, only 15.8% of the respondents don’t think sport helps them overcome stress. They prefer listening to music, drawing, or talking to people that help them cope with their stress. Furthermore, according to the secondary source, a study by (Emilie et al, 2012) suggests that students with extensive sports practices help them have low stress than those who rarely do sports. Moreover, another study (Aimee et al, 2010), reveals that there is a relationship between sports and stress. Sport helps to improve physical health which makes a person more relaxed and fresh. In addition, a relaxed and fresh person has a very less chance of having stress. Therefore, this shows that sports do help to overcome stress.

Fig 8: Bar Chart

Fig 8 shows the bar chart of whether respondents share their stress with anyone. As we can see that most of the respondents don’t share their stress with anyone and only some of them share about their stress with their friends. Therefore, this shows that students don’t share their stress with their parents or teachers. This can be a bit of worry because teachers and parents can give them a solution and helps to overcome their stress when they let them know. When we look at fig 4, many respondents have thought to give up their studies. lack of sharing with teachers and parents can be the reason for having more stress and thinking to give up.


To conclude, I found out that sports do help to overcome university life. Many students feel that sport helps them relax their mind and body, and makes them forget about their university for a moment. Which makes them feel less pressured and have less stress from university life. In addition, it is a good thing that many students actually like playing sports as it can help them cope with stress. However, some students felt like giving on studies due to a lack of sharing about stress with teachers and friends. Therefore, parents and teachers should take the initiative to promote sports and talk about stress with their students. Both my primary and secondary data show that sport helps to overcome stress. That’s why students should try to do more sport.


Abouserie, Reda (2006), Sources and Levels of Stress in relation to Locus of Control and Self Esteem in University Students, Retrieved from

Aimee k & Valeria J. F (2010), Leisure, Stress, and Coping: The Sport Participation of Collegiate Student-Athletes, Retrieved from

Décamps, G., Boujut, E., & Brisset, C. (2012, March 22). French College Students’ Sports Practice and Its Relations with Stress, Coping Strategies and Academic Success. Retrieved November 20, 2020, from

A3: Digital Artifact: Simply English

Logo of Simply English

Short Project Summary

Our digital artifact is about “Simply English’. In the past 11 weeks, we have been focusing on our DA, where we teach secondary school students (Form 1 to form 3) English. Our DA consists of a Wix website and an Instagram page. We post all our lessons and interesting videos’ of the lessons on the website and use Instagram to promote our website. During the first week, when we were choosing the topics for our DA. We wanted to do something which all of our 4 group members are good at, basically the strength we all share. Therefore, we found out that English is our strength so why not we teach English to the people who are struggling with English. As we all know how important it is to learn English, because it’s an international language, wherever you go, you got to speak English as a medium of communication with different people all around the world.

We also wanted to use full use of the internet to share our knowledge in English. As we all know that the internet can connect people from all over the world, it is the best place where we can seek our audience’s attention. Therefore, we choose Instagram and later a Wix website to teach our target audience English.

At the start, we thought we should make an Instagram page where we will teach expats, locals, and immigrants English. However, due to not being able to organize with our age group of audiences, as there are different age groups of people in ex-pats, immigrants, and locals. We were not sure what content should we provide. Therefore, we decided to change our audience to primary school students.

Analysis of important learning moments

Finally, we were able to decide our target audiences (primary school students). We started posting our lessons on our Instagram page. However, after 2 weeks, we found out that we are not able to reach our target audiences. We only had around 9 followers and we were not gaining any followers. That was the time we all had to sit down and discuss how can we improve our page to reach out to more people. We started analyzing our Instagram page and found out that our lessons were actually very boring and very limited content in it. We were randomly posting lessons washout any content and flow. One of our group members gave an idea that we should change our layout and post some animation videos rather than boring lessons. Another change which was necessary was to change our target audience, again primary school students was a very big group. Therefore, we changed our target audience to secondary school students (form 1 to form 3). After amending all of our changes, we started posting our lessons again on our Instagram page with a much better layout and with some interesting animation videos.

We continued posting our lessons on our Instagram page but still, our followers were not gaining. We found out that our lesson posts were not well organized. For example, Th older lessons would go down once a new lesson was posted, so it was very difficult and inconvenient for a new audience if he wants to take a look at lesson 1.

Cover page of our Wix website

We had a consultation and thought we should make a Wix website and use our Instagram to promote our Instagram. therefore, we started posting our lessons on the website, we categorized our target audience into 3 different sections (form1, form 2, form 3). All of our lessons had the same flow with a video at the last for the audience to understand more about the topic. We made good use of both visual and text for our lessons. The website was much more well organized and we started to gain more followers on Instagram also. by week 9, we successfully gained 100 followers.

different sections

Followers gained in different weeks:

  • Week 1 to 3: 9 followers
  • Week 4 to 6: 50 followers
  • Week 7 to 9: 100 followers
  • Week 10 to now: 110 followers and increasing

By doing this DA, I learned how to cooperate with my group members. Whenever we thought we needed changes in our DA, we all came up together and respected everyone’s idea, and decided what’s best for our DA. I hope we can continue with our DA so that we can help people who are struggling with the English language.

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