Discuss any similarities you see between visions/dreams about the telegraph and the Internet (or social media like Twitter and Facebook) we have now.

In todays world, if we ask anyone what the internet is, most of the people will know about it. But what about the telegraph? Do todays people know what telegraph is? Do they know the history behind it? Even I didn’t know much about telegraph until I heard about it. For people in 19th century, Telegraph was no smaller than the internet today. What we think, feel about today’s internet, people in the 19th century had the same feelings for the telegraph.

People in the 19th century shares the same dreams/visions to what we dream about. According to (History.com Editors, 2009), Telegraph was invented in the 1830’s by Samuel Morse which helped people to communicate from a longer distance in a short period of time. In 1938, it was a matter of time when he finally designed a device that can help to communicate with each other. He successfully send his first message from Wellington to Baltimore by using Morse codes in 1844.

People at that time dreamt that now they no longer will have to go on a horse or a ship physically to send messages to all over around. They can be able to see the word by staying at home and the distance was not a problem at all. As we all know, time is one of the most valued thing in our life, people dreamed of sending messages in a very short period of time. Information flowed like it flows nowadays through internet.

The Internet helps users to communicate over long distances using interconnected networks, just like the telegraph network (Strandage, n.d.). People today also can send messages around the world in seconds and can have a world tour using google maps. Moreover, both the telegraphs and internets vison is to make our daily lives more easy and convenient in may aspects. Both telegraph and the internet has made peoples thinking more open minded as people can be able to look and learn other peoples culture which they have never seen or heard of.

Telegraph and internet also made possible for new business practices, promotion of their products and ideas (Strandage, n.d.). And the most importantly, people during the telegraph generation have dreamt to live a life what we’re living, and we are also dreaming to have more advanced technology.


History.com Editors. (2009, November 09). Morse Code & the Telegraph. Retrieved from https://www.history.com/topics/inventions/telegraph

Strandage, T. (n.d.). The Victorian Internet. Retrieved from http://www2.southeastern.edu/Academics/Faculty/scraig/standage.html

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