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Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection

I have commented on 3 pitches of my peer’s Digital Artefact. My main focus when I look at their pitch was how they presented their idea and what are the methods they choose to research their idea. Then I gave them some recommendations and provided some links that might help with future research of their digital artifact idea. I hope my recommendation can help them polish their Digital Artefact and looking forward to their DA research. Below are the 3 reflections of my 3 comments.

  1. Digital Artefact (Richard)——-

Richard’s pitch talked about bringing Virtual Reality (VR) gaming to the world within the next 10 years. Although there are some Virtual Reality games around they are very limited. By looking at the current Virtual Reality games, it seems that they are going to out-date online and smartphone games very soon. I am looking forward to Virtual Reality (VR) gaming in the next 10 years.

I recommended Richard to tell about the advantages and disadvantages Virtual Reality (VR) can bring to people’s lives. With that, I recommended an article link which talks about the advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, I also recommended Richard to talk about the different types of Virtual reality games that people might see in the future and provided him a link that might help him with.

There is another link I listed in the comments about Global virtual reality market which I though might help him with his research about the global market say on Virtual Reality

2. Digital Artefact (Clement)—–

Clement had a great topic talking about the future of computers like Quantum Computer. He mentioned that the Quantum computer has been around since 1998 and it is faster than the Classical computers. I think computers are the base of future technology and the success of Artificial Intelligence.

Clement mentioned in the video that he will research using News, Journal articles, and Movies. I told him that I like his idea of using Movies to research future computers and gave him an example from the movie “A Space Odyssey” where a computer “HAL 9000” controls everything in the spaceship. Movies are the best example of showing and predicting the what future might look like.

In the end, I mentioned some links that might help Clement with his research on the future of computers like the future of quantum computers and what the future of computers might look like.

3. Digital Artefact (Arsllan)——

Arsllan’s idea of the evolution of future culture in Digital Platform is quite appealing as how Digital media like YouTube or Facebook is gradually growing its interest in people. People are sharing everything they like on social media platforms including memes, news, or any random stuff.

I commented on Arsllan’s pitch that he has mentioned everything very clearly on what he is looking forward to doing in his digital artifact and have given lots of examples on what he will be looking to research about his idea. I also praised his video as it was well organized with a clear voice and understanding.

At the end of the comments, I recommended him some articles that might help him with his research.


Published by Aqib Ali

Bachelors in Communication and Media

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