Week11: The internet of things (IoT): from networked objects to anticipatory spaces

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? - LeadSeed

In our final lecture of BCM206, I learned about the IoT (Internet of Things). If we take out a few minutes of our lives and think about what’s happening around. We will see that the internet has been glued to us just like how our life is glued to our bodies. People in today’s world can never think about living without the internet. Rather they want the technology to be more advanced. If we take a look, whenever we want to learn about something, whenever we are lost in our daily life, or whenever we want a better life, we will go and take a look at the internet. The Internet has made our life’s much more easier and convenient.

The Internet of Things (LoT)

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According to (Mitew, 2014), “the IoT stands for the connection of usually trivial material objects to the internet – ranging from toothbrushes to shoes or umbrellas”. The term Internet of Things (IoT) coined in 1999 at the MIT Media Lab. IoT is something where physical objects are connecting to the internet. Anything which has a connection with the internet. If we look at our daily life, what is something that is not being connected with the internet? Before people at least used to turn on/off their lights or air conditioner by pressing a button. However, today due to the smart homes, you can just relax on your sofa and command the internet to turn something on/off, or even increase your Tv’s volume. Isn’t that amazing? All things in your house are being connected with the internet, the TV, smart door, refrigerator, and all other things at home.

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The objects connected with IoT has a unique network id just like the barcode on our laptops on refrigerators, the network id sensors everything and allows it to dynamically register changes to its environment. Moreover, the network address makes it uniquely identifiable than all other things. All the information is storing and being processed in the cloud.

However, even though our lives are becoming very convenient due to the Internet of Things, we all are becoming lazier and lazier. Not only that, all our information and data are being recorded on the internet. The internet knows what we are doing for the whole day. although the internet is a good thing, our privacy is being recorded and monitored.

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), Node Red, and the Raspberry  Pi · nebraska-gencyber-modules


Mitew, T. (2014). The Fibreculture Journal. Do Objects Dream of an Internet of Things?, 1–24. Retrieved from https://ro.uow.edu.au/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2834&context=lhapapers

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