BCM215: Pitch Comments And Self-Reflection


A. My 3 comments on my classmate’s Pitches

  1. Digital Artefact Pitch: comment 1 (Isabelle) https://isabellehsalas.wordpress.com/2021/01/29/digital-artifact-pitch-mario-kart/

Isabelle’s Digital Artefact is about the game “Mario Kart”. She is looking forward to investigate the gameplay, para-texts and the overall features of the game. Mario Kart is a very popular game and lots of people have at least played it once in their life. Isabelle showed that she had a clear understanding on what is wants to investigate and what is her timeline for the next week.

However, I recommended Isabelle to find the advantages and disadvantages of the game also, because the game is so popular that it must have people who have been addicted from the game people who leaned new stuff from the game. Overall, I think her pitch is well balanced with good flow.

2. Digital Artefact Pitch (Chaman)

Chaman’s Digital Artefact focus on the game “Candy Crush”. I choose her pitch to comment on because i remember I used to play Candy Crush a lot during my high school time. I got so addicted to the game that i couldn’t focus on other things in my life. Therefore, I liked the way she mentioned she want to focus whether the game is addictive or whether people can learn something from the game. Moreover, I recommended her an article which I though may help her with her research about the advantages and disadvantages of the game “Candy Crush” I cant wait to see whether other player got addicted from the game or they leaned something from the game.

Correspondent, F, What are the advantages and disadvantages of Candy Crush? Retrieved from https://www.freshtalk.in/what-are-the-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-candy-crush/

3. Digital Artefact (Jeffrey)


Jeffrey’s Digital Artefact talks about the game  Yakuza Series which is a Japanese game. I liked how he wants to investigate the Japanese Gangster culture from the game as nowadays some games shows the culture of some people. Like, people who have never been to some places, they can leaned about the cultures from the games they play nowadays. Moreover, I think that Jeffrey has a clear understanding in his pitch on what he wants to investigate and achieve in his Digital Artefact. However, I recommended him to talk about the overall features of the game and how the game has improved – regardless of the culture, functions, and features of the game since the first version of the game released.

B. Comments I received from my classmates


COMMENT 1 (Katrina)

The first comment is received is from Katrina. First, she talked about her interest in playing the game like she could be the hero in the game of the virtual world. She also mentioned the featured where we can choose our own character. I agree with her because whenever I play the game, i felt like the hero and the most powerful in the game. Moreover, she suggested me some ideas on how i can improve my Digital Artefact like if i include the fan culture of the :Counter-Strike” and make engagement with my audience and receive the feedback loop from them. However, at the moment, I just want to find out how the game has been so popular and what are the pros and cons about it. Moreover, Katrina suggested me an article which talks about how video games are becoming more more addicting especially after the pandemic. I think this article will help me a lot during my research because that is one of the main point of my research.

COMMENT 2 (Chaman)

The 2nd comment I received is from Chaman who thought that my topic is interesting. Although she haven’t heard of the game but she understood what I’m trying to do for my digital artifact. Moreover, she suggested me to discuss the category of the game and compare with other genre games, like comparing the positive and negative wither other games. However, I think I just want to focus on Counter-Strike at the moment and look at its positive and negative only. Further, she suggested me 2 links to articles and I have gone through the, I think the articles will help me with my research for my digital artifact.

COMMENT 3 (Leo, Tiu Siu Lun)

The 3rd comment I received is from Leo. He mentioned that he loves playing Counter-Strike: Go, and he believes that he is one of the addicted player from the game. His statement gave me a huge confident that what i am trying to focus (people being addicted to the game counter strike) on my Digital artefact is in a correct way. According to Leo, lots of people like Leo have been addicted to the game because it helps to maintain relation with friends and the game offers and excellent opportunity to player sot communicate and interact with different people. I agree with Leo and I will try to mention these points in my Digital Artefact report. Moreover, Leo suggested me to provide the experience of me playing the game like what my temper and attitude is while I play the game. I will try to see my attitude on the way I play the game or other people play the game and see whether someone is addicted to the game or not. He ended by recommending an article which might help me with my topic. I will try to use his article in my DA so that his effort doesn’t go wasted.


To conclude, I leaned lots of new things when I was commenting on my classmates pitches and now I have a more better understanding on what my Digital artefact should like. I also appreciate my classmates who gave comments to my pitch and gave me some ideas/ advices on how I can improve my research on the game Counter-Strike for my Digital Artifact.

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