BCM215 Part 3: Impact On Society

In my first 2 blogs, I talked about the introduction of the game and its history from CS to CS; GO. I also talked about the popularity of the game on social media, its popularity reasons, and the effects of game. Moreover, I talked about my own experience playing the game and the fan’s behavior and comments towards the game. Lastly, I talked about the marketing strategy shown by the game producers when the game was losing popularity. To continue my research, I will talk about the impact on society of the game counter strike in this blog.

If we talk about the impact a society can have regarding something, there are always good and back impacts we can think of. The same goes for the game counterstrike and how it has impacted society. I will talk about both the good and bad impacts the game has on society.


  • Enjoyment and Satisfaction
  • Team work
  • Allow players communicate
  • Thinking & Strategy game with good graphics

First of all, I will start by listing out the good impacts the game has made on society. The first thing about the game is enjoyment and satisfaction. A good game should always be enjoyable and satisfactory. Counter-strike allows people to form a team by themselves and it also allows the gamers to talk with their teammates during the game. This function of the game makes the game very interesting and friends can have a good time playing the game even if they’re from each other. The impacts it brings to society is the friendship bond and it helps to make friends stay together

Another good thing about the game is that it helps you make your brain strong- it’s a game of mind. According to (Taljonick, 2012), “Counter-Strike is brilliant in its Terrorist vs. Counter-Terrorist execution, as each objective-based match comes down to teamwork, strategy, and pure skill”. He also mentioned that counter-strike is a game of teamwork and strategies. If a team has the best strategy, the team will win. Therefore, it shows that the game highly makes gamers use their brain a lot to make out strategies with their teammates. Therefore, counter-strike helps to make people improve their thinking skills.


  • Lots of addiction
  • Violence
  • Suitable for mature kids
  • Harm Brain

When there are good impacts brought to society by a game, there are also bad impacts that can be brought to society. Firstly, counterstrike is addictive. I have mentioned my own experience in blog 2 how I was so addicted to the game that it was very difficult for me to stop playing the game. The game also affected me in many ways like academically. Moreover, according to a user, he commented on the (Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media) that the game is very addictive (the picture below). Lots of users say that game is very addictive when you start playing it in the game review. Therefore, I think the addictiveness of the game brings a bad impact on society. 

Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media

Furthermore, lots of users suggest that game is very violent as players have to kill their enemies in the game which causes lots of blood to fall in the game. The game also involves lots of bad words during the gameplay. According to a parent on common sense media, he says that “CSGO is a game that is fine violence wise for most kids, with the main problem being sworn words coming from the toxic community. So don’t let children play it, because it has violence.” This shows that the game has lots of violence as I have also experienced this violence when I play the game. Therefore, violence is a bad impact which brings to society especially on kids.

Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media

To conclude, I think game promotes lots of violence and addictiveness to the game, the game can cause damage to the brain as it is very addictive. therefore, It can be seen that there is a more bad impact on society than a good impact. Counter-strike brings more bad impact on society and it is also a very addictive game. All new users should be aware of it and find out solutions before trying out the game.


Taljonick, R. (2012, November 07). Why counter-strike is one of the greatest games ever made. Retrieved March 26, 2021, from https://www.gamesradar.com/why-counter-strike-one-greatest-games-ever-made/

Chapman, D. (2019, June 19). Kid reviews for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Common Sense Media. Retrieved February 26, 2021, from https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/counter-strike-global-offensive/user-reviews/child

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