BCM303: Case Study Part A

Since the internet has been so popular, I have always dreamt to do something related to the internet. Well, if we think what we can do that is related to the internet? There are lots of things. We just have to identify our passion and see how we can manage our passion and the internet together. According to (University et al., 2010), vlogging on YouTube will be a powerful new media adjunct to our existing televised news sources. Therefore, I have always thought to become a vlogger on YouTube and start talking about my passion which is about Cricket. Although I have been following cricket since my childhood, I still haven’t opened a YouTube channel yet. Talking about my passion is something that interests me and I think Vlogging is the best choice to talk about my passion.

To be able to pull the trigger, I will be interviewing a vlogger that talks about his passion (movies) on YouTube, and hopefully I will learn a lot from him about how can a person manage the YouTube channel. The name of the vlogger that I will interview is Mr. Leonard Leung who works as an online marketer in a company and also do vlogging about movies (Movie reviews) on YouTube.

Textual Analysis:

I have planned to gather all the information for my research through the primary and secondary methods. My primary method of research will be an interview with Mr., Leonard Leung. I will use the interview findings to investigate the case study. For my secondary methods, I have planned to read articles from google scholar about vlogging and also read some case studies. Moreover, I will also observe some other vloggers on YouTube and on the internet to help me investigate the case study.

Drafted Questions to be ask:

  1. Could you please introduce yourself?
  2. How long have you been in the industry?
  3. What are the challenges you have faced?
  4. How did you start making vlogs on YouTube? What made you do that?
  5. How do you manage 2 jobs at the same time? (Marketing in a company, Vlogger)
  6. What motivates you to work?
  7. What problems have you encountered when you started making blogs?
  8. Since there are soo many movies, how do you choose to give reviews?
  9. How do you define a good movie?
  10. Have you ever got bad/ negative comments on your reviews? If yes, how do you deal with them?
  11. Do the negative comments make you change your reviews?
  12. Do you think about getting more followers or you just focus on your content?
  13. So as you have worked solo and in a company, which workstyle do you prefer more? Working alone or in a company?
  14. Do you have any plans on changing your content or anything on your YouTube channel?

 Thematic Directions

I have drafted the above questions so that I can interview Mr. Leung and learn more about vlogging on YouTube. I have set my questions quite simple and on point so that the aim of learning and knowing about vlogging in today’s world can be clear and see how vloggers manage their time and the work together.


Week 5: Interview Mr. Leonard Leung

Week 6: Do in-depth research on Google scholar/ case study/ observe vloggers

Week 7: Edit the interview findings

Week 8: Gather all the research information

Week 9: Finalize the case study and make a video (Submit the case study)


University, et. al, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyView Profile, Contributor MetricsExpand All Wen Gao Peking University Publication Years1993 – 2012Publication counts391Av, Wen Gao Peking University Publication Years1993 – 2012Publication counts391Available for Download41Citation count2, & Authors: Wen Gao Peking University. (2010, June 1). Vlogging: A survey of videoblogging technology on the web. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR). https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.1145/1749603.1749606.

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